What if you could change your world?

What if you could tap into this phenomenal resource called Goodness, and see things around you change for the good? What if you could increase the goodness coming into your life and the goodness going out? We believe you can! We want to offer you good ideas, stirring thoughts, and useful products to help foster the growth of Goodness in and around you and those you love. We think you have the power to change your world, and we want to help. Want to know more? Check out our Chalk board Lessons on the Homepage.


Who are we?

Not gurus, just girls

The Goodness Girls are two friends who are just crazy enough to think that they might be able to make a little bit of difference in this big old world. We have embarked on the Goodness journey together and are constantly learning how to increase the flow of Goodness in our lives through finding beauty, trueness, love and life-giving things. We have seen each other suffer hardship and are watching each other soar. We want to share what we have learned with you in hopes that it will make your journey a little easier. We are not therapists, counselors, clergy, or gurus – just girls (well, at least in our minds we are still girls) who love goodness.

Stuff we like: Magic sandwiches, barns, cozy socks, anything from Anthropologie, Jeep rides with the top down, sitting by the fire, sparkling Voga, heart-to-hearts, homemade bread, good red wine, book club, digging in the dirt, remembering, cigar smoke, love letters, old movies, new friends, writing, painting, kids, dogs……and our favorite photographer Ray Sadler at www.raysadler.com!


What Do Yosemite and Save Goodness Have in Common?

For 15 years Meri Lee would talk to Sooz about wanting to have a business. This business would, above all else, communicate to people that they are loved. It would remind people of good things, and encourage them. The two friends had much conversation about their ideas and dreams, but for a hundred different reasons, nothing ever came together. Just when it seemed that all hope was lost and it was time to give up on their big dream…an idea came. The Ken Burns’ special, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” had premiered and the Goodness Girls found it very inspirational. To learn about men who had the wisdom and foresight to set aside land to be preserved for future generations, who sacrificed and gave their lives for this dream – that was compelling. To hear the beautiful words of John Muir float through the air as we watched the majesty of forest vale and mountain range parade across the screen – that was deeply moving. To think about the countless lives that have been blessed and changed because of the efforts of these people to hold on to something sacred and pass it on to the future – that was inspiring. The series proved to be quite thought provoking and challenging.

What if we were able to create a “Society” that was given to the same kind of purpose as the preservation of the parks? What if we could start a movement to preserve something huge and sacred; something that was at risk of fading out of style, if not full force extinction? What if we could stand up for Goodness? It was a concept not as easily outlined as a mountain range, but surely as important to preserve. So Meri Lee and Sooz got started, and The Society for the Preservation of Goodness was born. Our first creative adventure was Savegoodness.com and we anticipate many more. We hope you will feel the tug to travel along with us and join our quest to preserve goodness. We need you – for Goodness’ sake!



The Pillars of the Society

• Goodness is the greatest untapped natural human resource and must be promoted and preserved. (save goodness)

• The process of cultivating goodness must begin inside you, and then be passed on to others. (inside > out)

• Goodness grows in us when we feed on Beauty, Trueness, Love and Life Giving things. (good in, good out)

• Goodness is best preserved and spread one person at a time. Systems fail, our priority is the individual. (one person at a time)

• The practice of instilling and spreading goodness must be specific and intentional. (build a good nest)