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You can join for FREE by simply signing up – letting us know that you are joining your strength with ours to pursue goodness as part of The Society for the Preservation of Goodness. You will have full access to the website, and we will alert you to new products and exciting new developments as we grow and advance. There is absolutely no cost to you, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your name is listed with others who share your desire to stand up for Goodness.

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For the cost of $15.00 you can also opt to become a Founding Member of the Society. With this option, your investment will enable us to put more resources about Goodness into people’s hands. With your founding membership you will receive a Field Guide Journal to record your daily search for Beauty, Trueness, Love, and Life-Giving Things. You will also receive a car cling, a note of appreciation, and a tattoo (no, really – complete with application instructions) from the Society. You will be recorded as a Founding Member and have the satisfying knowledge that you have helped us build the ground floor of what we believe will become a wonderful and practical resource for many people.

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