Celebrating the Glories of Autumn

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“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I
were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”

George Eliot

The air grows crisp. The sky assumes a blue so clear and
bright that it looks like a jeweled sapphire. Leaves abandon their verdant
sheen for a kaleidoscope of earthy hues. Tuscan red, Indian yellow, burnt orange;
the colors appear so brazen and audacious that it shocks and surprises viewers.
Pumpkins begin showing up in piles, and pots of mums rest on every doorstep. Fall
is the season of fair warning it seems, the blinking caution light that says soon
all will be naked and cold; a flamboyant adieu by the trees and shrubs. It is
the final encore before their season is over and their costumes are packed away
for the winter.

To survive the long, cold, lifeless winter, it is important
to consume fall as a farewell banquet. You will need leisurely strolls through
rustling leaves, a good dose of caramel apples and hot cider, and a few
evenings around the fire pit to get sufficiently nourished before all fades to
gray and white. All seasons deserve to be celebrated, but fall most of all. It
is your final meal before you hibernate and wait for spring. Whether you
embrace “All Hallows Eve” or celebrate the bountiful harvest season, there is
much merriment to be had in the chilly autumn hours.

We encourage you to invite friends over to celebrate the season. Kids will treasure life-long memories of pumpkin carving and ghostly sightings. There are wonderful community events to take part in, and most of all, opportunities to wander and explore the beauty of delicious autumn. There are so many fun ideas for fall decorations and activities for kids. Here are a few hints from our last Halloween party:




  1. Hanging Ghosts can be made by soaking
    cheese cloth in white school glue that has been watered down. Wring the cloth out and hang it over a balloon to dry. When fully dry, pop the balloon and you
    have ghouls and ghosts to hang about
  2. A Lollipop Grave Yard is easy to make using black and white scrapbook paper. Cut out a headstone template and glue to a black background. Tape the lollipop to the back and sink in fresh potting soil. (careful not to push too deep and get the candy dirty)
  3. Musical Halloween Crackers are made from empty toilet paper rolls filled with candy then wrapped in old music scores.
    Tie the ends with black ribbon and you are done!
  4. A Visit to the Dollar Store  often yields great decorations and tableware for little money. Michael’s also has their own brand of decorations that are relatively inexpensive.
  5. A Pumpkin Carving Station is a great way to entertain guests. We recommend prepping the pumpkins by cutting out the top and culling out the seeds before guests arrive. This saves on mess and clean-up and your guests can focus on creating. We highly recommend the carving kits available at most food and drug stores. They make the process so much easier and fun.




For wonderful home decorations, pumpkin carving ideas, and

clever Halloween crafts we suggest you visit Country Living Magazine @ http://www.countryliving.com/. They have
spooky fun and fall festivities covered!

Most of all, we encourage you to take a slow, deep drink of
fall. Soak in all the beauty of it you can and let it fill you so that you not
only survive, but thrive during the cold days of winter. Goodness is all about
celebrating and appreciating life as we go. Happy Fall Ya’ll!


A "Good" Idea:
Make a plan today for how you will celebrate the rest of autumn. Inspire us with your own good ideas!


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  1. Teressa Ryan says:

    As I read you post I can almost feel the crispness in the air on my face from an early morning walk around the lake just as the leaves are beginning to drop. The warmth of the fire as we sit, talk and recollect past seasons and falls we have enjoyed together.
    I so enjoy reading your posts and the many ideas for grasping the goodness all about us.
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Emily says:

    So fun! We kicked and crunched our way through the most giant leaves today. Hooray for fall!

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