“Saving Seats” – The Power of the Place Card

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Creating a culture of goodness is about making the atmosphere you live in overflow with beauty, trueness, love, and life-giving things. This atmosphere will reflect things that make you and those around you feel known, valued, cherished, and celebrated. With only a little extra effort, you can make the people in your world feel special, and turn an everyday gathering into a memorable event.

When having a dinner party, it is of utmost importance to make your guests feel welcome. It is a warm feeling to come to a party and see that the hostess has been preparing for you and has had you in mind. An easy and inexpensive way to do this for you guests is to use place cards at your table.

When you come to the dinner table and see your name at your place setting, it makes you feel recognized and important. You know that your host didn’t just leave things to chance, but has been thoughtfully preparing for your visit. Place cards add beauty to the table and can be elegant or playful. They can be as simple as pretty folded card-stock, or much more involved, depending on the time you have to invest. It is especially nice to have a place card that doubles as a take-away gift for your guests.

Here is our favorite place card holder idea. We use these often at our gatherings at the farm.

Wine Cork Place Card Holder

This place card holder is super simple to make, but has an elegance all its own.




  1. Collect as many corks as you will need for your party (one per person).
  2. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut a slit in the top of the cork.
  3. Print guests’ names on a sturdy piece of card-stock.
  4. Insert the card in the slit and Pop! A pretty and personal touch for your table.

Use your imagination and create place cards to match your theme, your colors, or the season. There are many different ideas available online. Write your guests’ names on fruit like lemons or limes for a summer themed party. www.countryliving.com/cooking/…/summer-party-tricks-0706

Or get inspired with unique place card ideas from Martha Stewart. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/photogallery/unique-place-cards?lpgview=thumb&showComments=true

The dollar store offers many inexpensive little items that can be converted into place cards like small frames and shells. You can easily weave a place card in the tines of your forks or glue a card to a small package of candy or mints. Anything creative that shows you were thinking of your guests will be a hit and make your friends feel loved and honored. And that’s what Goodness is all about.

“Goodness goes the extra mile to make you feel extra special.”


A “Good” Idea:

Sharing is goodness so…please tell us about your favorite place card idea or a way you make your guests feel special. We want to know your secrets!

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    Book-marked, I really like your site! :)

  2. Nancy says:

    What is the font that you used for the place cards? Is it something I can find online? They look great!

    • Sooz says:

      I’m not sure Nancy. Let me ask Meri Lee (the beauty coordinator for SaveGoodness) and see if she remembers. Thanks for stopping by!

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