The Flower Girl

Posted by Sooz on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | 2 Comments

My neighbor Angela – she is what most people dream of in a neighbor. She’s friendly, lots of fun, caring, interested… but not nosey, available… but not camped out on your doorstep. I just love her!

Angela is the mother of three boys all under the age of 10, and she is married to a boy (man, I should say).  In my book that qualifies her for a medal of honor and a spa day once a week. She lives in a man’s world with man dirt, man smells, and man sensibilities, yet; somehow she manages to hold on to her femininity. She brings beauty into her  world in simple and profound ways – and she brings it into mine as well.

Regularly, Angela will come to my door with flowers from her yard or a bouquet of leftover stems from a wedding she has just finished. Angela is known around here as “the flower girl” because she designs and creates beautiful floral arrangements as a part-time venture. I have seen her entire house covered in blooms and her whole upstairs converted to cold storage for a big event. She is creative and industrious, and she inspires me.

Recently she came to my door with a little bouquet of grocery store flowers. She had bought some sunflowers and an inexpensive bouquet, which she divided into groups to put around the house. The woman who spends thousands of dollars each year purchasing and importing fabulous flowers from around the world found delight in a $10.00 bouquet. She took pictures to show her Face Book friends the difference between life with flowers and life without – to inspire them to spend a little bit of money to add Beauty to their lives. The best part was that she kept it Real, showing the beautiful flowers in her kitchen  above a sink of dirty dishes! In no time, other friends on Facebook were showing their bouquets inspired by Angela’s post. A little beauty can begin to create a culture of goodness that inspires others while feathering our own nest.

Today, the flower girl fills all four spots in my “Goodness” journal.

Beauty: her beautiful bouquet

Trueness: her honest pictures of her Real life

Love:  my heart for her

Life-giving Things: her inspiring ways

Filling my journal may not equal a medal of honor, but it certainly is a grand slam for Goodness. Well done flower girl, well done!

“Goodness is a garland about the head of the giver.”

What can you do today to add a little beauty to your world?

A “Good” Idea:

Be watching for Angela in the coming weeks. She will be featured here giving floral design tips and ideas for how to create a culture of goodness around you with flowers. And by the way, go get yourself some beauty!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Angela rocks- she is lovely. Glad she is your neighbor if she cant be mine :o )

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