Building Your Nest

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The Society for the Preservation of Goodness believes that to have a good life you need a good nest.  Your nest is the place where your heart rests, where you feel safe, valued, loved and enjoyed. Hopefully you had a good nest to grow up in, but even if you didn’t, you can still create one of your own.

Just like a bird’s intricate nest, your nest must be carefully and intentionally constructed. We think of goodness as the “twigs” of your nest. These are the things in your life that are strategically put in place to build a protective and healthy structure for you to thrive in – body, soul, and spirit.

Beauty, trueness, love, and life-giving things – these are examples of “twigs” that you can use to build your nest. Beauty is a great mystery that surrounds us and bids us come near, but so often we overlook it. It has the power to create awe and wonder, and yet we rarely take time to look for it. It might be found in music, nature, or the tenderness of friendship. Trueness is what is real. To build with trueness is vitally important because, without it, you have a shaky foundation.  Love is the fruit of an open and giving heart. It is the life power that gives us hope, purpose, and a reason to keep fighting.  Life-giving things are those things that breathe inspiration into us. They are the things that make us stronger and better as people. They make us come alive!

One early spring day, I noticed a little nest tucked carefully in a tree in our backyard. The nest was visible because the leaves on the tree had yet to bud. It was clearly a left over from the previous season, yet it looked remarkably intact. Later that afternoon we had a violent spring storm with high winds and torrential rains. We were concerned about the possibility of a tornado, and I was keeping everyone away from the windows. At one point during the storm, I ventured a peek outside because the winds were so forceful that I could hear things tearing apart. As I looked out, I was shocked to see that the tree, which played host to this little nest, was nearly bent to the ground. Its branches were whipping back and forth like a wild horse trying to throw its first rider. I feared for the tree and for everything in our yard that wasn’t bolted down. The weather was intimidating, and I was just hopeful that our home could withstand the punches that this angry storm was landing.

Fortunately, the house held, but the yard took quite a beating. There were dead limbs and debris everywhere. What was most shocking to me was that, in the still of the aftermath, I could see our little nest clinging to the weary tree. By some miracle, it had held on.

In that moment I heard a voice inside me saying, “If a tiny bird can construct something this amazing and dependable – then so can you. There is a safe place meant for your heart and it can weather any storm,”

“Goodness builds a strong nest that no storm can tear apart”

How is your nest?

A “Good” Idea :

If you want to lean more about how to keep your heart and strengthen your nest, then we recommend that you read the Field Guide advertised above. It is full of important  and helpful information on caring for yourself and the importance of seeking Beauty, Trueness, Love, and Life-Giving Things every day.

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