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Our guest writer, Danielle, is a bright, thoughtful “30 something” woman who inspires us with her unique style of goodness. She works with MusiCares to provide a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. She also teaches psychology at the college level. Here’s her story…

I was at a weekend retreat in Colorado with some lovely close friends of mine. During one of the evening meetings, I found myself alone in a sea of other women. As the meeting closed, I scurried outside to find my friends. Suddenly, I noticed something moving in front of me. Not far ahead of me, in the middle of a usually bustling area, was a fox. I was speechless – a fox so close to me! I had never seen a fox up close before, and it was so beautiful. Surely other people were noticing this amazing creature. I turned and looked back toward the building I had just left, expecting to see women spilling out the doors who could share this moment with me, but there was no one. It was just me and my fox.

In that moment I began to realize that this was a gift of beauty intended just for me. I continued walking toward the gorgeous animal and watched as it lead me to the doorstep of the building where I was staying. It stopped at a flower pot and sniffed at the flowers before walking off in the other direction. Until that very moment, I had not understood that my heart can be filled with the beauty of nature. Sure, I had noticed that nature was beautiful and that animals were really wondrous, but I had never noticed those things as gifts intended for my heart.

How had I been filling my heart before then? Wasn’t that initially my parent’s job and then my husband’s job? I truly believed that I needed to find my wholeness in other people. I would get angry and blame others around me for taking so much of my heart and never filling it back up. How was I supposed to take care of everyone around me when nobody was taking care of me?

The fox was only the beginning for me. From that first beautiful encounter, I began to stop and take moments to enjoy the things around me. The beauty that surrounds me every day has helped to fill my heart. From now on, every time I see a fox, whether in a picture or face-to-face, (Oh yes! I have now had more than one fox encounter), I think of that wonderful gift that opened my eyes and my heart. Everyone has their own version of the fox. Gifts of beauty are all around us and often we don’t even see them. Is it the beauty of nature for you, or a shared moment with a friend… how do you take care of your heart?

A “Good” Idea :

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