The Natural Artist

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Oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoals, pastels, pencils – all are typical mediums with which to create your own masterpiece, that is, if you possess the skill and ability to use them. The need to create is in all of us. I believe at our core we were created to create. But what if you haven’t develped your artistic skills via the typical methods? What if your inner artist never graduated from kindergarten?

We have a sure fire way to kick start your creative drive – a no fail way to create something memorable and enjoy the process. We want to recommend an art project everyone can do that will lift your spirits and fill your soul, no canvasses or crayons required. We are putting forth an artistic challenge featuring found items from nature.

Several years ago, my husband and I ventured north on an anniversary adventure. We agreed that as our gift to each other we would create a temporary piece of art from natural elements. We had been intrigued by the work of Andrew Goldsworthy who creates breathtaking works of art in and of nature. His works are painstakingly configured and completely temporary – nature at the mercy of nature. Watch this video for a glimpse of his magic.

We had rented a small house in Maine that was surrounded by water on three sides. It was canoeing heaven for me and a perfect place for our art project. We ended up creating a nest from sticks and grass. We placed it on a rock that was only visible during low tide. Our hope was that it would float out with the tide, even though it held three stone “eggs.” The experience was unforgettable and symbolic. To see our process, please check out this video.

Last week my dear friend and neighbor Angela called. She was on retreat and looking for a creative project. She remembered our story of the nest and decided to create her own. The results were beautiful (see opening photo). Angela simply collected leaves, pine needles, driftwood, and other found objects. When I asked her what she enjoyed most, she said it was the collecting that brought her joy. The acorns were a perfect touch I thought. She also had an increased respect for the talent of birds and their building skills.

We want to send you out into the wild on your own adventure – be it backyard, ocean front, or woodlands, to gather found objects and create something that gives you joy. Andrew Goldsworthy does amazing things with fall leaves, rocks and twigs. Take inspiration from him, or find your own. Let yourself have free reign to try things, explore, and create with abandon. You cannot fail with this project.  It is the joy of the hunt that thrills.  Create something beautiful and let your inner artist out!

This week only (October 24-30, 2011), if you upload a picture of your creation to our Facebook page we will send you a special gift!

A “Good” Idea:

Consider the words of Andrew Goldsworthy, ” I take advantage of what every day brings.”



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