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Are you an open book or do you keep it all inside? Do you share your heart with little regard for the consequences, or do you measure out and cautiously proceed through life, hoping that no one pulls the covers off, exposing what you have put on reserve? Do you want to be seen, or are you looking for the key to invisibility? Which is better, to show it all or to hold back? Is there a right or wrong, a good or bad to this? Is there a manual or instruction booklet for appropriate sharing of the soul?

Honestly, I couldn’t begin to answer these questions. But I can tell you what I do, and I bet you can tell me the same about yourself. I am a fatal over-sharer. I am, at times, a tsunami of feelings, thoughts and emotions. It is embarrassing and not a little risky – but it is definitely how I am. I have friends, on the other hand, that are metered and discrete. They can balance themselves like an acrobat over a Niagara Falls of emotion, and never slip. I must tell you – they look fabulous… skilled, in control, balanced, elegant, fearless, while I am flailing, kicking and screaming in the rolling waves of my own “stuff.” Sometimes I envy them. Sometimes I think I should emulate them. My attempts to do so last about three minutes, and then I cave. I am right back where I started, “rollin on the river.”

In times like this I realize the truth, like it or not, I am passionate and open. I also realize the importance of the fact that we are all different. Thank God my husband is not like me or we might be serving time. He is as steady as they come, and he has saved me on many occasions because of it. But I save him too. I pull him outside of his cave and show him life in the wild. We both always end up back where we began, but I think that I am a little closer to the cave now, and he’s starting to explore the emotional jungle. We balance each other – thus the necessity for both approaches to life.

We are sharing another work by Tanya Davis with you today. This is a spoken word performance of her poem Subtlety. When I ponder this subject I feel compelled to share only one thing – the sharing of your heart is sacred and important – so do it – regardless of your style, just do it.

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  1. bill says:

    It seems to me that you and your mate have a complementary balance. All of us need a little help now and then. Each of us is a bit different than others. How blessed you are to have someone to slow you when needed– or for you to speed up your mate when you think it might be needed. Sounds like a very good match-sounds like love

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