Bowling Shoes and Jimmy Choos

Posted by Sooz on Thursday, January 13, 2011 | 10 Comments

Today, my family and I went bowling. It was only the second time in my life that I have bowled. The first time, I was about 10 years old. Today – 37 years later, I tried again. I will gladly admit I was pretty miserable at it, but it was a fun experience anyway. I wish I could have permanently traded in my tired old summer flip-flops for those cute little bowling shoes. (Ok, so they are no Jimmy Choos, but I thought they had a certain vintage charm.) That would have really made my day, but alas…they wanted them back.

Here’s the truth about bowling and me. I could have gone any number of times over the years. My husband has taken the kids repeatedly as an outing, but I always begged off. Why? Well, let’s just say, I am not a petite woman and bowling does nothing for my self-image. The kids would ask me to go, but I would always find an excuse not to.  Pretty soon they got the message that mom was not willing to risk it, and they stopped asking. They were always sweet about it and never made me feel bad, but I did feel bad. I felt bad because I knew I was hiding – holding back and protecting myself from personal embarrassment. I wanted to go and have fun with them, but I wanted my own comfort more.

You should know this about my family. They love me just the way I am. I always feel loved and accepted by them, but I allow my own self-conscious obsession to keep me from enjoying certain things with them – and I have done this for years. So why am I telling you this, and why was today different? I’ll tell you.

As I have started chasing hard after goodness it has got me thinking. How can it be goodness for me to deny my kids, just to keep myself cocooned from possible embarrassment? And, am I really living – being true to me and enjoying my life?

Well, today I said “Enough! I am going to get over myself, go enjoy my family, and get on with my life.” I am taking steps to change my body and improve my health, but those steps have not transformed me yet. Even though I don’t look any different, I decided I needed to start acting like the healthy, active, fun-loving, courageous person I want to be, instead of the person I have settled for. I may never be the Jimmy Choo wearing super model type, but I can sport a pair of bowling shoes and crash some pins for goodness sake.

My score today was not much higher than my age, but my heart was happy. We had a good time, and I enjoyed my family so much. I faced my fear and didn’t die! I must confess my back is a little sore, but I’m pretty sure I’ll live. I want you to know that it was goodness that gave me the courage to go. Goodness cheered me on, and goodness let me embrace the beauty and life that today held. Goodness helped me get over myself and get on with it. What can goodness do for you?

“Goodness gives you the courage to face your fears and get over yourself, for the sake of those you love.”

A “Good” Idea:

Think of one thing that you have been hiding from, avoiding, or putting off that would benefit your family or the people you love. Summon your courage and do it for Goodness’ sake! When you accomplish your goal, let us hear about it with a short post in the comment box. Good Luck!!

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  1. Cindy says:

    I love this article. Way to go Susan. This one really made me think about what I am hiding from and how to face those fears. Thank you!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I see that thing of which I am afraid, becoming less and less scary as goodness breaks through the wall that I have put around it to keep myself safe.

    Thanks for writing on this, it met me right where I am walking right now.

  3. traci bailey says:

    thanks for sharing this susan. i have basically isolated myself since i have been sick, even stopped going to church for the last year for being mentally sick. i am working on it in little ways. baby steps i guess. you are awesome.
    i miss bowling.

    • Sooz says:

      “T”. it is so easy to isolate when we are feeling low. Take some simple steps toward goodness with us – seek Beauty, Trueness, Love, and Life-Giving Things everyday! Use the website to encourage you. May goodness overtake you!

  4. Marie Scott says:

    I am SOOO proud of you Susan! You know that I have also never been the petite size woman, but I am here to tell you that doing anything with your family is what is most important. Try just little steps….like taking a walk around a path, pond, neighborhood, or just anyplace outside. As you walk, you will be amazed about the conversation that you might have with your husband or kids and you will lOVE the greatness of the outdoors that God has made for us. Its wonderful!! Don’t ever let being a “plus size” woman stop you from doing anything! You can do anything you set your mind to it. God believes in you and he is our savor and will watch over us. :)

    • Sooz says:

      Thanks so much Marie. I have seen you completely transform your own life and it is inspiring. I take your words to heart. May we all continue to let goodness change us for the better – body, soul, and spirit. Sooz

  5. Cheryl says:

    Your story is so inspiring – thank you and GOOD for you!

    This winter I’ve gotten out of my own way, too, and courageously signed up for private swimming lessons. Out of the blue, I decided that it was time for me to get past the “I can’t get my breath, I might drown” reaction every time I get in the river, the Caribbean Sea or the great Atlantic. My husband has hoped for and encouraged me to learn to swim for nearly 30 years, but it has never been about him – I’ve just been too scared. I’m thrilled to say that after 7 private lessons I am having fun in the water, I feel confident that I can swim some distance comfortably, I “know” several strokes and am willing to practice them, and I haven’t experienced that breath-catch thing when I first get into the water for weeks. I look forward to having fun swimming in the warm, blue Caribbean next week. And I can only imagine my partner’s pleasure when he realizes I really am no longer too afraid to swim and play with him.

    Oh, I said that my not swimming has never been about my partner, but now that I’ve begun to leap this hurdle, I realize that it is one of the best gifts I can give him – for goodness sake.

    • Sooz says:

      We celebrate this victory with you! Well Done. Fear is such an enemy of goodness in all of our lives. It stops us from living life to the fullest. How brave of you to face this challenge – one that arrests so many – and move forward. I love that it is never too late to “get over ourselves” and take back what is ours. It belongs to you to swim and play with your dearest one in the beautiful blue Caribbean. I hope you make enchanted memories that will feed your heart for the rest of your life. I know it will mean the world to him to enjoy you in a new way. What a gift of goodness. You can be sure that we will be thinking of you and cheering you on next week. Thank you so much for sharing! Courage for the Caribbean! (Idea: Make sure to bring home a treasure from the sea to mark and remember this new day!)

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