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It is so important for our hearts to remember… the people we love, once-in-a-lifetime moments, joyful celebrations, and special occasions. Life is full of cherished things, but in the hustle and bustle we often forget to focus on them. What if you had a way to mark and remember these occasions? Weddings, funerals, the prom, the birth of a child, all these moments have one thing in common. We tend to celebrate them with flowers. These delicate bearers of love and beauty are with us in these moments. They encourage us, comfort us, and bring tenderness to these important times. Flowers mark life’s significant occasions, but they are fragile and they fade.

We want to share with you an entrepreneur whose business is about remembering; a person and a product that we feel are both full of Goodness. Jenny Macias is the owner of Cherished Beads, an up and coming homegrown business that produces beautiful jewelry from the petals of flowers. Jenny developed this idea after suffering her own loss. Following the tragic death of a young family member, she saw the need for a way to preserve flowers as “wearable art.” Then when a dear friend lost her mother to cancer, Jenny went to work to create a bead that was durable enough to wear and contained petals from the funeral flowers. From that act of kindness, a business was born.

Today Jenny creates necklaces, bracelets, and bookmarks with handmade beads containing the special flowers from your memorable moments. The styles and designs vary and can be adapted according to your preferences. The prices range, on average, from $50 – $80, with some special savings for orders of multiple pieces.

Beyond creating these precious remembrances, it is clear that for Jenny, the process is as important as the product.  She accepts the opportunity to create these pieces as an honor.  She said, “I think deeply about the person receiving the beads, the situation surrounding the request, and what that person is going through.” It is obvious that for her, there is a spiritual connection to her work. She recently received a request for a rosary, a job that will require 60 beads. Because of her regard for this sacred request, it was apparent that she would only undertake it with great thoughtfulness and respect. Jenny tries to work without distraction, which can be challenging with two beautiful and lively boys. She reserves her work for times when she can focus and give her full attention and heart. For her, it is very important to be in “the right mindset” to do it.

Thus far, most of Jenny’s work has involved funeral flowers, but there are endless ways that this technique can be used to preserve memories. What girl wouldn’t love to have petals from her wedding bouquet preserved in a bracelet or necklace? Prom flowers, special birthday flowers, or even petals you collect from a trip abroad – all can be preserved as a reminder of a person or special time in your life.

To contact Jenny you can search her page on Facebook, “Cherished Beads” or you can email her at kjmacias@hotmail.com. She will be more than happy to help you create a gift for yourself or someone you love. To make the beads, she will require dried petals from the flowers of your choice. They will need to be mailed to her in paper only (a letter envelope inside a paper mailer for instance) to avoid the molding that plastics can cause.

Remembering the important things, the good things in life – this is vital for our hearts. Being creative and helping others is also important. Jenny says that making the beads is good for her soul. You can clearly see the Goodness in her work.  Bring some Goodness to your soul; check out Jenny’s Facebook page, Cherished Beads, and be inspired to capture Goodness by remembering.

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