Family Goodness: “DIY Drive-in”

Posted by Sooz on Thursday, July 28, 2011 | 2 Comments

Keeping with our drive-in theme this week, today we want to show you how to make an indoor “DYI Drive-In.” Did you know that the first drive-in consisted of a Kodak projector on the hood of Richard Hollingshead Jr’s car. The screen was nailed to trees in his backyard, and a radio served as the sound system. Eventually Hollingshead patented the idea, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Drive-ins are one great way to spend time together as a family and do something “out of the box.” The reality is, however, that with only around 400 drive-ins left in the U.S., not everyone has access to this great American tradition. So what if you could create your own indoor drive-in? What if the kids in your life could help you create a homemade drive-in that you will never forget – complete with cars and a concession stand?

We have Heather Mann at Dollar Store Crafts to thank for scouring the web to compile some great ideas for a Drive-In Movie Night at home. We hope these ideas will inspire you to take a simple activity like watching a movie and turn it into an event that your kids will talk about for years.

Everything we promote at SaveGoodness is about building a better person from the inside out. We encourage you to seek beauty, trueness, love and life-giving things everyday. We also want to help you build these things into the lives of the children in your world. In this way, we work to preserve goodness, generation to generation.

Creating a special environment and letting your kids join in that process is life-giving to everyone. The children get to feel a part of the story you are creating. You give them a place of importance. You make them a player. Your support of them builds confidence, and a sense of ownership and even mastery over their world.

Yes, it is totally true that sometimes it is easier to do things yourself, and letting kids “help” often means more work for you. That’s why it is important to realize that when you include them you are helping build stronger little people by strengthening the “nest” they live in. They need beauty, trueness, love, and life-giving things everyday – just like you do. There is a goodness that resides in them, just as it does in you. Our job is to identify that goodness and call it out – give it a place of honor!

We encourage you to try some of these ideas and let them inspire you. Salvage some cardboard boxes for cars, paper plates and construction paper for wheels and headlights, and you are on your way. Make sure you let your kids bring along their blankets and pillows because that is Cozy Goodness!

Don’t forget to make your own concession stand too. Easy and fun! Healthy snacks are always an option.

Please visit Dollar Store Crafts for full details:


A “Good Idea” :

Let us know if you make a homemade drive-in or if you have other ideas to share about goodness with the kids. Don’t forget to go to our FB page and upload a picture of your “Drive-in” for us to see!

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  1. Teressa Ryan says:

    What awesome ideas ladies! Now, if we could only borrow a few small children. Ahhhh…I wonder if I could fit into one of those cars ; )

    • Sooz says:

      I am holding on to this idea for grandkids! I pondered making a box for myself too. Seems cozy and fun!! Thanks for your comments and support Teressa.

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