Sangria Surprise! Using things on hand to make Something Special

Posted by Sooz on Monday, August 15, 2011 | 4 Comments

One thing I love about goodness is that it is resourceful. Let me give you a perfect example. On my birthday, my wonderful neighbor Angela arrived with a beautiful pitcher of Sangria. I was delighted to receive this fruity concoction for several reasons. One, Sangria is a cool delicious drink, especially on a sweltering August day. Two, Angela had lovingly taken the time to prepare a special birthday treat for me, and it was beautifully done. She used a certain white pitcher that she knows I love, and tied a satin robin’s egg blue bow around the neck. She then researched the best Sangria recipe and made me a special drink to celebrate the day.

When she arrived, she let me know the story behind the gift. She had ordered a unique little book for my birthday, but it hadn’t arrived yet, so she wanted to do something to honor the day. She said with a coyly dubious smile, “You know I inherited some wine from our neighbors who just moved – actually, a lot of wine! I also had some delicious fresh fruit, so I figured, why not make a pitcher of Sangria?” She let me know that a book was forthcoming, but honestly, the pitcher of Sangria was more than enough birthday for me.

I ended up loving the little book Angela had ordered, and I read from it often. But it was the creative, spontaneous, homemade gift that really got my heart. I loved that Angela had been resourceful and had taken the time to make me something beautiful. I loved that she had used things that she had rather than buying something, and I loved that it was a gift that was simple and just meant to celebrate a special moment.

In this hurry-up world of consume, consume, consume, it is goodness to take a moment and see what special little thing we can make from what we already have. Something of your own that is thoughtfully chosen can make a deeply heartfelt gift. I keep different size baskets on hand that I purchase at the thrift store. These make wonderful containers for spur of the moment gifts. I have used flowers from my garden, food I have baked, a book I love but am ready to pass forward, note cards that I stamp with a design, and shells or sea glass collected in pretty little bottles as gifts. I also keep tissue paper, old sheet music, and beautiful old seed catalog pages to use as filler in the baskets. To me, the beauty of how the gift is prepared is as important as the gift. It gives the recipient a sense of the heart that went into the gift. Angela’s blue bow on the pitcher said to me, this is a special gift for you. This simple touch made the gift more beautiful and heartfelt.

With just a little effort and love you can cultivate a culture of goodness by passing forward a simple thoughtful gift. Be resourceful and see what you can come up with that lifts the heart of a friend or family member. Sometimes a “just because” gift is the sweetest of all. Good luck hunting among the hidden treasures you have on hand. Just a little love and attention will make them beautiful and help you celebrate someone special.

“Goodness is resourceful.”

Re-cycle, Re-purpose, Re-use

A “Good” Idea:

Make it a goal this week to create a little “just because” gift for a friend or neighbor. Pass on the Goodness and see how good it feels.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Love this story! Thank you for the gift ideas!

  2. Debbie says:

    Thoughtfulness is a precious commodity. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. bill kreul says:

    Thank you for the reminder–that is just what I did. The results of your suggestion will be known

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