Wrapping Up Goodness

Posted by Sooz on Sunday, March 20, 2011 | 4 Comments

Every now and then something unexpected happens. A bit of sunshine breaks through into an ordinary day. A little gift comes to cheer you. Maybe a stranger greets you with a generous smile, or your coworker compliments you unexpectedly, someone saves a seat for you, or kindly holds the door. These little offerings of spontaneous goodness feed us. They nourish a part of us too often neglected – the place in us that needs to believe that the world is still a good place to live, and that people really do care for one another.

Occasionally, you will meet someone special, someone who believes the forgotten truth that we each have the power to make a difference in the quality of another person’s day. You find a person determined to put goodness out there for others – a soul all too rare in this world. I met one of those people recently, and I want you to meet her too.

On the recommendation of a friend, I stopped at a new gift shop in my neighborhood. I was immediately taken by the unique artwork and charming vintage feel. I discovered that the owner creates most of the art and gifts herself. She also searches out the found objects that she sells, and creatively styles the store. Her imaginative spirit and eye for design were evident everywhere.  While visiting with her and looking about, I noticed a basket of colorful little presents wrapped with such attention to detail and care that I had to know about them. What I found out was pure goodness.

Kristin, the owner, shared that these particular presents were for visitors to the store, whether they make a purchase or not. But Kristin also makes and gives these little delights to all kinds of people, the lonely, homeless, complete strangers – anyone whom she feels might need one. She said, “It is such a rare thing to be surprised anymore. Everyone deserves a present, and the smallest thing can make a difference for someone.” She explained that as a child she loved to wrap presents, and would volunteer to wrap for all kinds of occasions. It became a relaxing and enjoyable way to break from her other work. “It’s like knitting for me,” she said.

Inside the little boxes are some treats that reflect Kristin’s heart. I won’t spoil the surprise for you in case you are able to stop by and receive one for yourself, but it wasn’t the contents that most intrigued me. What was absolutely captivating to me was the idea that this woman took such time and gave such thought to making something that’s sole purpose was to encourage and give support – nothing expected in return. She said that someone had encouraged her to do something easier, less time consuming, and anyone could understand that, but Kristin could not bring herself to do it. She knows that the time it takes, and the beauty of it, are all a part of the gift – so much so that some people don’t want to spoil their present by opening it!

A little wrapped gift might not be your way of spreading goodness, but there is something unique and beautiful in you that has the power to change the quality of someone’s day. It may seem small and insignificant – but it matters. Search your heart and see what you find there. Let Kristin inspire you. See if you can think of a way to simply encourage someone everyday. In doing this you will find that you are the one that gets the gift, because that’s just how Goodness works.

(If you are in the Nashville area, stop by and visit Kristin in Berry Hill at The Wish List – 2818 Columbine Place, or check out her Facebook page – Wish List Berry Hill.)

A “Good” Idea :

Tell us one of your favorite ways to spread goodness or something someone has done for you that made a difference in the quality of your day.

4 Responses

  1. Melanie Hall says:

    This story is precious! I can’t wait to visit there when I come to Nashville in June and meet Kristin and see this charming store and the heart behind it!!

  2. Sharyn Auzinger says:

    I love this! I’m putting “The Wish List” on my “to do” list for my next visit to Nashville. Lovely! :)

  3. Debbie says:

    I love this! A few years ago, a wonderfully hospitable lady was in charge of the parent committee for our small school. Once each month, we teachers would be surprised to find a small gift that simply, yet eloquently said, “Thanks for passing on goodness on to our kids.” What a difference those “surprise and delight” goodies made in our day! She and folks like Kristin inspire us all to pass on the goodness! See you soon, Kristin!

  4. Patty says:

    I am Blessed enough to have friends who pray for me daily! I KNOW it has made a difference in my life!

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