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What if you had Super Powers? What if you had them, but didn’t use them? As children we dream of having amazing super-human abilities. I pretended I could fly – maybe you did too, or maybe you imagined you could shoot laser beams from your fingertips.  As an adult you are more likely to wish you could crush evil and change the world for Good. If you could, would you? I have a feeling you would. Our culture is inundated with comic books, movies, and cartoons about Super Heroes. Most of us secretly wish we could overcome dark powers and prevail as the defender of right – or at least just bring a little justice to our corner of the world. I am telling you that within you is the power to effect change for generations to come! Are you willing to better someone’s life with a hidden Super Power that is currently in your possession? Well, you can.

The thing about Super Powers is that you rarely know you have them. It is often by chance that you discover them. Think about the things that have changed your life. Usually it is something rather simple that gives you the confidence to be who you really are. A word of encouragement spoken from someone who can really “see” you – now that is life-changing. The truth is, you have the ability to use “X-Ray” Vision to see inside someone and discern what they are good at, what they bring that others don’t. With that knowledge you can use your Word Power to encourage and support them. These powers take practice to perfect, but once you get the hang of it, you will be shocked at the influence you can have.

Our guest writer this week is Roy Shaver. Mr. Shaver was an educator and school principal for many years. He has a lifetime of experience as a leader, mentor, educator, father, and friend. He also knows a little about Super Powers.  Here is his story.

“A few years back, I received a rather unusual phone call from a man working at Talbot Wire, but I don’t remember his name. The caller said that I would not know him, but that I had been his mother’s high school principal almost 50 years ago. Sadly, he went on to say that she had passed away a few weeks earlier. In sorting through her things, he discovered a postcard that I had sent complimenting her for making the school honor roll. He told me his mother was an ardent supporter of education, always encouraging her children to do well in school and that she spent many hours reading to her grandchildren. One of her last wishes was that they be good readers in that she had spent so much time working with them. Cards complementing children are generally appreciated by parents, and they serve as a source of encouragement for the youngster. In this instance, the card touched a third generation. We can never know the impact our words of encouragement may have. Each of us can remember how positive feedback growing up influences our development. There are many occasions in our daily lives when we can acknowledge the good works around us. We should pounce on the opportunity to recognize achievements and good deeds, especially for young people. What’s your encouraging word for the day?”

Batman by Alex Gross on Etsy

There is no way to know the ripple effect one act of encouragement can have. What may seem simple and effortless to you can have a life-altering impact for someone else. Do Not underestimate your power to change the world. Use your “X-ray” vision to see someone’s strength or a quality they possess. Look deeply and perceive what most miss, then take a risk and say some Super Powerful words that may just save a life. At the very least, they will make a day!

A “Good Idea”:  The hardest thing about this challenge is simply doing it. It takes some courage to speak up and say what you see. Don’t worry about the response you get. Say it with heart and sincerity and that alone will be a gift! Super Heroes are only Super Heroes when they USE THEIR POWERS!

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    You have mastered this and it has changed me; The Power of Goodness.


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