The Vespers

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Have you ever seen wild horses drive hard across the open plain?  It leaves you breathless, inspired, reverent – and those beautiful horses are only doing what they love, what comes naturally to them. Imagine if we all lived more true to that spirit, giving ourselves to the things that come naturally and joyfully to us. We folks at the Society believe that true goodness is deeply rooted in feeling that “goodness of fit” within your own life. We want to encourage you to pursue that right fit for yourself. We want to inspire you by sharing stories of people we know who have found their groove and are thriving there.

That is the way we feel about a charming little folk band know as the Vespers. Born into musical families, the Vespers are carrying on their musical heritage. The band is a curious combination of brothers and sisters. The two lovely lasses are the Cryar sisters, Callie and Phoebe. The handsome lads are the Jones brothers, Taylor and Bruno. Playing eleven instruments between them, the Vespers display rich and diverse talent with surprising skill and variety. You never know who will play which instrument next from banjo to ukulele, guitar to accordion.

The Vespers are all native Nashvillians so they didn’t have to go far for inspiration. Each has parents who have performed professionally as musicians, so it is in their DNA to pick up an instrument and play. The Cryar sisters bring ethereal harmonies, skilled song writing, musical versatility, and a serious “darling” factor. The Jones boys are the meat and potatoes. They bring grounding, depth, and rhythm with some dry wit to boot. All in all it is a winning combination that will no doubt make for broad success.

Recently, I was pleased to have the opportunity to spend a little time with the band and enjoy a conversation about their own unique style of goodness. I asked each of the members what this musical life has afforded them. They would quickly tell you that, at this stage of the game, it affords them very little financially, but my, the riches they enjoy.  The fact is that the Vespers are living from their hearts and doing what they were born to do.

Phoebe is the primary songwriter. She shares how being a part of the Vespers has satisfied her hunger for different musical cravings. The meld of musical styles that the Vespers create fulfills the need in her to explore new and different things. Deeper still, she says that writing helps her process her thoughts and feelings. For her, writing is a life-giving thing. Being creative in this way is healthy and beneficial to her in sorting out her inner life. This is a perfect example of how creativity promotes goodness. Whether you are blessed to be creative in your daily job or just take time to create some little thing every day – it is vital for living well. Phoebe is a young woman of few words, but the ones she speaks and sings count.

Bruno says that for him, playing with the band gives a sense of pleasure. The importance and absolute necessity of pleasure is much misunderstood today. Too often Americans are absorbed in entertainment, which is typically 99% distraction and only 1% pleasure. True pleasure is deeply satisfying to the soul, and because it satisfies, we are less likely to overindulge. Entertainment, on the other hand, is much less satisfying and therefore more prone to be misused. Bruno has recognized the natural need for pleasure and has found a healthy way to satisfy it. He also says that playing gives him a sense of empowerment. Feeling empowered is a by-product of living with “goodness of fit.” His warm smile and gracious manner show the ease that this goodness brings him.

When she wakes up in the morning, Callie says knowing that she is a part of this musical collective is “a weight off my mind.” The sense of being where she is supposed to be is a settling feeling – a relief of sorts. This is also a beautiful result of living life from your heart and doing what you were made to do. If your life fits – it works – things are in sync and you feel less stressed. She also says that, while it has its challenges, working with the band “does not feel like work.” She is passionate about what she does and it inspires her. You can clearly see this when she plays. She is a spark plug and she practically glows. Her passion is evident.

At 22, Taylor is the senior member of the band and full of depth and feeling. He carries a lot of wisdom for his years. For him the band has become an identity. He said with a smile, “ before the band, I had an identity and I hated it. Now I love my life!” Taylor talked about living the 9 to 5 life at a job that left him uninspired. He determined “not to become a drone.” Isn’t that what most of us do – turn into robots who just go through the motions? But living life with passion because you are doing what you love and were born to do – that is goodness. It works for you and everybody around you because you are content and fulfilled. Finding “goodness of fit” gives us purpose and identity.

We believe that the Vespers are in for a long and successful career. Their freshman effort is soon to be followed with a new release, and you can sense the evolution and development of the band. We wish them every success and continued goodness. Whether this is a long journey for them or just a season, it is likely they will look at this time with few regrets. That is another benefit of living with “goodness of fit” – you can live a life you are proud of.

A “Good” Idea :

Think about your own life… is it authentic and real? Are you living in the grove? If not, what needs to change.

Also, be sure to check out the Vespers! We will let you know when their new CD is released. They can be found at www.thevespersband.com.

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