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Posted by Sooz on Monday, October 8, 2012 | 3 Comments

Sometimes it’s hard to believe there is any Good left in the world. The headlines shock us and make us question the sanity of our culture – ourselves. It just feels out of control everywhere. People kill each other, greed and corruption swell and have overtaken us as a nation, pastors and priests abuse, mothers abandon, young people get cancer. Some people handle the insanity by worrying or trying to gain some kind of control. They want to be able to predict the outcome of their lives. Other people put their heads in the sand and hide from reality. A rare few face the truth and still believe there is hope.

I had planned to write this post about specific good ideas you can implement to promote and take hold of goodness in your life, but Ryan Woods and his family have articulated what is in my heart far better than I could ever hope to do. He is living proof that Goodness can dwell in the midst of tragedy, that one courageous soul can make a difference. Join me in sharing Ryan’s story – it is a hard one, but SO Good.

Live out a beautiful story… that is the invitation.

Here is Ryan’s request again. Listen carefully to what he is asking us. “I want to invite you to cultivate a sense of love and community where you live, where you work, and where you play. For us it has been as simple as shopping locally at the same stores over and over again, it’s meant that we drink lots of coffee going to the same café over and over again, and it means that we have people over for meals often, whether it’s a large community meal or just one family coming over. For you it’s going to be something completely different because of your own imagination and your own context.”

What does it look like to commit to a life of love and connection where you work, where you live and where you play? What does your beautiful story look like?

We agree with Ryan, it would be exciting to see a movement start wouldn’t it?

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This week I saw a picture that I wish I had created. It is my new favorite thing. It said “Believe there is Good in the world/ Be the Good.”

Friends of SaveGoodness, Let’s BE The Good!


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A "Good" Idea:
You are invited to live out a beautiful story! Find out more.

Be the Good

3 Responses

  1. Angela Sadler says:

    Wow! Pretty amazing eye-opener for this early in the morning. Thanks for keeping this in front of me!! Now to ponder what that looks like for me today. I tend to want to make it complicated, so today I vow to keep it simple…Being the good CAN be simple, right? Where you live, work and play! I love that!

  2. Emily says:

    Ryan has just shifted my entire everything.

  3. Melanie Hall says:

    Tears rolling down my face….. All I can say is wow. What a beautiful family, beautiful couple and beautiful man…. Thank you for this post!

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