Beauty and Abundance

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Abundance. Think about it. It’s everywhere. It is a core principal of our amazing universe. You plant one seed and get back hundreds. You breathe in air and there is plenty more. The water around us is constantly recycling itself so that it is fresh and ready for us to use again. The sacred land yields bounty year after year. There are glorious flowers everywhere – spontaneous happy flowers in ditches and fields. Think about all the species of animals and insects. There are over 900,000 different known species of insects and more are being discovered all the time. The sea is bursting with unique and exotic creatures. Grass grows freely everywhere as do trees and bushes. It is astounding when you think of it. Our world is brimming with abundant Goodness.

Add to abundance beauty. There is exquisite beauty all around us as well. Think about little volunteer flowers, wild and random but painted with such detail and splendor. Listen to this verse from the Bible, “Look at the lilies and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are.” It’s so true! Our best clothing does not begin to compare with the beauty of a simple wildflower. There is the majestic beauty of snowy Alps, the coral shades of the arid deserts, coastal beauty where sea and forest meet, the silent beauty of floating glaciers, and the vast wonder of the glittering night sky. The abundance of beauty on this earth is almost obscene when you think of it. We would be embarrassed to so carelessly spill it everywhere as nature has done. Wasteful, we might say, to put such beauty out of view like coral reefs on the ocean floor. Every inch of our planet holds abundant mystery and matchless beauty.

So what are abundance and beauty telling us? What is the message being sent to us from our own planet?  I believe the universe/God wants you to know that this life is for your pleasure and enjoyment. It was designed to inspire you and thrill your senses. It is radically ridiculously inundated with beauty for you. There is no lack here. There is nothing boring or trite about where we live. Our world is a wonderland of miracles and mystery, AND IF we respect, care for, and share what has been given to us then there will always be plenty for everyone.

We have somehow lost our fascination with this beautiful place. As we substitute artificial “life” for what is real, we lose touch with the miraculous and inspirational power of this world. When we take our feet out of the dirt and put them on the pavement, we lose our grounding and connection with the earth. We have subtly become deceived believing there is more to be found in the mall than in the wild. As we substitute plastic for authentic we lose heart. We being to fail in our spirits; we forget who we are; we stumble in a haze of confusion and are lost. We begin to disrespect this amazing gift. We must restore the balance in our lives between artificial and authentic. We need to remember where we are and how much more rare and beautiful it is than anything we produce from it.

I want you to feel and to know that this abundance around us was meant for you. I want you to be overcome with the beauty that is trying to get your attention every day. I want your heart to sing with joy that you live in a world that celebrates its own beauty openly. It accomplishes this by simply doing what it was created to do. I want you to realize that when you live from your heart and do what comes so naturally to you (that thing you don’t even realize it is your strength) then you add to and strengthen the universe. You were made for beauty and abundance. May you overflow with abundance and beauty from the core of your being – it is your birthright just as it is the birthright of the trees and the seeds! Be at home in this bountiful earth garden and know its mystery. It will be Goodness to your soul.


A "Good" Idea:
Beauty and Abundance are your birthright! Take a moment to ground yourself in this truth. It will be Goodness to your soul.


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