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Sometimes you just have to drop the bomb. A situation may call for it, even require it. Maybe it’s necessary to get your point across. Maybe you just need to be heard. We encourage you to do it! Drop the “L” Bomb. When someone needs resounding encouragement, profound praise, overwhelming affection, or emotional exaltation – drop a Love Bomb on them.

A Love Bomb is easy to make. You can assemble it from things you have at home, or you can purchase a super cute one from our store. The important thing is that you do it! Blow someone away with messages of love, encouragement, hope, or praise. Leave them in a dust cloud of inspiration. Let the things that are in your heart become treasured messages for the one you love.

Several years ago Meri Lee sent a Love Bomb to her mother. She filled a jar with little notes that recalled sweet things that her mom had done for her – memories that she held on to from childhood. It was a beautiful way to say thank you for all those little things mothers do. Sometime later the notes were returned to Meri. On the back of each note, her mother had carefully inscribed her own memories of those special moments.  What a touching and powerful way to connect. What a treasure for them both.

Here are some ideas for how to use a Love Bomb: as a birthday gift, for your Valentine, to praise a child, to inspire a spouse, to thank a teacher (notes from all their students), as a graduation gift, encouragement for someone fighting cancer, for a kid away at college, for someone going through a tough time who needs extra support.

But what should I say? Fill your notes with encouraging thoughts, memories, quotes, affirmations, scriptures, or just simple reasons why you love this person. Think about what this person means in your life. What is it that you love or admire about them? Think of words that descried them and write down the definitions of those words. Wouldn’t you like to get a jar of “hey, here’s what I like about you!”

This is a gift that will keep giving for the rest of a person’s life. Again and again they can return to these messages for encouragement and strength. Each little message of love, praise, or encouragement is a healthy twig in their nest. It provides them with nourishment for their heart.  Statistics tell us that you need only one person in your life who truly believes in you to give you a foundation you can succeed with. It takes so little to make a huge difference. Drop a Love Bomb and change someone’s world forever.

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – Do what you can! One person can make a difference…and every person should try.” ~ JFK

A "Good" Idea:
There are times when someone needs an explosion of Love. Drop a Love Bomb on them!


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