It Might Take 30 Years…

Posted by Sooz on Sunday, September 15, 2013 | 2 Comments

Some call it Karma, others Sowing and Reaping, or one of the Laws of the Universe, but most people agree there is a natural law that operates in this world. This law says that what you give will come back to you - good or bad. Have you seen this in your life? I have. Sometimes it happens in real time. If I bring a positive mood into the house, I usually get it back – same thing for a negative mood. If I am generous with my family and friends they typically respond in kind. These interactions tend to be easier for me , but what about my choices with strangers or those I feel have harmed me? And what about all those positives I have put out there that seem to never be returned?

When we feel wronged or slighted it is easy to respond with anger – it’s only fair, right? But when we do this we are perpetuating a chain of negativity and opening a place for it to return to us. It takes a strong person to stop this chain reaction, but every time we do we put a stop to events that can have devastating consequences. You have the power to change history – it’s true. It happens everyday. One act can change the course of someone’s life.

What about the good we put out that never seems reciprocated? Sometimes it feels like we have given goodness and it has gotten lost somewhere down the pipeline. We must remember that sometimes it takes time and that goodness can show up just when we need it most.

The following is a video that will speak for itself. It was made in Taiwan by a company called TrueMove to promote giving without expecting anything in return. The message is clear and full of Goodness.

We hope it sticks with you this week and that you are motivated to give in order to bless someone else. We are confident that you will, in return, be blessed, just when you need it most.

A "Good" Idea:
What are you sowing?


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