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I got a note of encouragement this week from one of our readers who is also a close friend of mine. It came at the perfect time (what time isn’t the perfect time to be encouraged – right?) Sometimes this goal of ours to “save goodness” is a bit of a daunting task and Meri Lee and I get a little overwhelmed. The most important thing to us is that: 1. You (our readers) know you are loved and 2.That you get some encouragement in how to care for your beautiful hearts.  Sometimes we don’t really know what is getting through – if anything. So when I got this note it just made me want to cry, and laugh, and jump, and do a happy dance.

My friend had written to encourage me and she did it in the details. Not only did she say nice things in general, but she put down in writing specific things that she had learned or gained from being exposed to this website. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful it was to me, especially since Meri Lee and I were both feeling the need for a bit of wind in our sails. Without revealing all, I want to list a few things she said and here is why I am sharing …

The human heart is meant to be discerning. Part of its function is to “hear” for the soul. It absorbs the energy and love that surrounds it. Our souls get hungry just like our bodies do. One of the things that nourishes us is encouragement. It is wonderful to get encouragement in various forms, but the most effective – the most “nutritional” encouragement is the kind that is specific. When you tell someone specifically what they do or how their essence affects you it has much more power. It’s a case of cotton candy vs. steak. Some encouragement is sweet and fluffy – specific encouragement has weight and value that will nourish and build.

Here are a few of the things my friend listed in her note:

  • Integrity matters. A lot.
  • Authenticity can still be found.
  • Encouragement is a gift.
  • Open-mindedness trumps legalism.
  • God is so much bigger than I once thought. Even when I thought I had changed my thinking.
  • It’s okay to think “outside the box.”
  • Unity with diversity can really happen. It just takes a bit of effort
  • A nest is a terrible thing to waste.
  • “Forgotten” people (read: people with special needs) are probably closer to what God’s looking for and seeking in us than any of us could’ve ever dreamed. Take note. Stop forgetting them.
  • Everyone needs a Limberlost. And to visit it daily. Sometimes multiple times a day, just to be reminded that Goodness is still all around us. (Note: Limberlost is her special place to go and take in the beauty of nature)

As you can see, her list was thoughtful and specific. It hit the core of my heart and nourished me. She could have just sent a note saying “Keep up the good work girls” and that would have been wonderful, but she went deeper and it nourished my heart. It inspired me. It gave me renewed hope.

Here is the truth about you – you have within yourself the power to change lives. You have the power to speak life to someone and give them hope. Who do you know that needs that? Who would benefit from your encouragement?  Make it a goal this week to write them or email them with a nourishing note. Make a list of specific things that you admire; things that they do or “are” that you respect. You never know the impact it can have. Most people are suffering from starving souls. Help solve the hunger problem in our culture with a few nourishing words – a little encouragement with a lot of details.

A "Good" Idea:
Send a note of encouragement to a friend and include soul nourishing details.


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