Kid President for the Win!

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“What will you create that will make the world more awesome?” Kid President


Warning: You are about to feel something. You are about to be inspired.

How often do you feel truly inspired?  Who makes you say, “Because of your example I am going to go out and do something that matters!?” Well, I just gotta tell ya, Kid President inspires me. Don’t know him? Then today is your lucky day. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to a kid that is changing the world just by being himself – by putting his own flavor of Goodness out there.

Take a look at the “Pep Talk” he recently posted and see what I mean.



So, are you encouraged? Then let me ask, “What can you do/create/be a part of today that will make the world more awesome? When Meri Lee and I started SaveGoodness three years ago it seemed like we were kind of alone. No one much was talking about the importance of Goodness or living from your heart. But today, being an Awesome You is COOL! We are so happy that little by little people are being inspired to live lives that count for something Good.

The fact is, you have a choice about how you live your life. You are in control, and you can live it shallow or you can live it deep. What’s it gonna be? How will you feel about your life this time next year? Will you be proud of what you have done or disappointed? Let Kid President inspire you a little bit more. Take a look at who he is and what challenges he faces.



Now let’s be honest. If Kid President can keep on dancing then so can we! Just let yourself ponder this kid sized wisdom. This message is simple and to the point.  Wherever you are today, give the world a reason to dance!  That is some Goodness to live by!

Thank you Kid President.

Hey, if you don’t know Soulpancake you are missing out on that too.

You can thank me later.

Love and Goodness to you ~ Sooz





A "Good" Idea:
Who inspires you? We VOTE for Kid President!! Check him out.

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