{Post} Make Sure They Know They Are Loved (Part 1)

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Deep in every human heart there lies a question. The answer to this question becomes the working foundation for everything else in our lives. That most essential question is “Am I loved?” This simple phrase is really asking, “Can you see who I am and do you accept me and value me? Do you care?” Our hearts need to be validated. Our inner questions must be answered. If they are not, then we go through our lives feeling lost, searching and asking. The longer we go without answers, the more vulnerable we become. If we are not sure at our core that we are loved, then we can end up “looking for love in all the wrong places.” Every human heart needs to know with certainty that it is loved.

At Save Goodness we want to encourage you to build a good nest for yourself and those you love. This nest is where your heart lives. It is the space inside you that can give you strength and stability, or make you feel vulnerable and needy, depending on how it is built.  You will find that again and again we will encourage you to SEEK Beauty, Trueness, Love and Life-Giving Things every day. That is because we have found these to be foundational elements for a Good nest. As these things make up more and more of your nest, then you will feel safer and more nourished in your heart. If you feel safer and more nourished in your heart, then you will begin to see more Goodness flow out of your life.

To make sure the people around you have a strong nest, we encourage you to communicate this message to them loud and clear. Tell them they are loved. More importantly, show them. Think of special ways to reinforce this message in their lives. The best way to accomplish this is to show them that you know them. Make an effort to learn what it is they love. What makes them happy? What are their secret desires and wants? What do they care about? When you learn these things then write them down. Keep a secret list for yourself and refer to it often. When you have opportunity, incorporate these things into your life together. Make a special date to do something they love. Serve a food that is their favorite. Show them that their heart is important to you.

We know that words have power, especially if they are backed up with actions. What you say matters. What you do matters even more. Take every opportunity to tell the people around you that you love them. Do things to reinforce what you have said. Write them notes, create little surprises, and be faithful and intentional to impart this message. Answer the deepest question of their heart. In doing so, you give them something solid to stand on for the rest of their lives.

We have had an overwhelming response to Meri Lee’s original “You Are loved” canvas print. We offer it to you in our store as a way to remind and encourage the ones you love with a bold statement of how you feel. Our hope is that you will find some special way to speak what is in your heart. Let the people you love know it!  It is the way of Goodness.


“Love is the beauty of the soul.” St. Augustine

(See the Good Idea #3 Blog for unique ways this artwork has been used to inspire and remind)

A "Good" Idea:
Tell them that you love them. It's what every heart needs to hear.

You Are Loved primary 2 copy

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