{Post} Make Sure They Know They Are Loved (Part 2)

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More than anything else in life we need to know that we are loved. Often we feel love for the people around us, but we fail to communicate it effectively. Sometimes we go through a rough spot and just get out of the habit of saying it, then our pride gets in the way and we can’t seem to squeeze the words out. Maybe we just don’t know what to say. No matter how many times we hear it, most of us never tire of the words, “I love you!” It’s a phrase we need to say and to hear.

When we started Save Goodness it was Meri Lee’s deepest desire to make sure that people know they are loved. In response to that, she created a beautiful painted canvas that said, “You Are Loved.” This artwork has become a central piece in our product line and in our lives. One of our dearest friends had a birthday and we used the original painting as a backdrop for her party. It was very moving to see the piece at the head of the table as we gathered around to celebrate her. Many of the printed canvases have gone into people’s homes. One young boy saw it in a coffee shop and said to his mom, “that is something everybody needs.” The mom was so moved by the fact that he noticed and commented on the piece that she came back and purchased it for his room. It also makes a perfect addition over a crib or in a playroom, reminding little ones that they are treasured.

One of the most remarkable stories we have received was when a woman purchased several of the printed canvases for a local school and its former principal. The principal had led his school with love and wisdom. He was known for ending the daily announcements with this phrase “and remember, you are loved!” To honor him and celebrate him, this woman was purchasing the canvases, one as a gift for him, and another to go in the school as a reminder for the students. This is our dream, to see this artwork meeting people in unexpected places and in the common moments of their daily lives.

We offer this canvas to you in hopes that you will be inspired to say what is in your heart. Purchase a canvas here or find your own unique way of spreading the message, “You Are Loved” It is what Goodness would do.

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.”  ~George Sand



A "Good" Idea:
More than anything else in life we need to know that we are loved. Find ways to tell those you love what you really feel.


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