Mobilizing Joy

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“I want you to feel like you have control over your own happiness.” Dr. Cole Galloway

This quote caught my attention. It is part of a beautiful video about the important work Dr. Galloway is doing to help mobility impaired kids get some power back in their lives. Dr. Galloway is in charge of a project called “Go Baby Go” at the University of Delaware. This program strives to modify off the shelf ride-on cars to make them suitable for use by kids with special needs – specifically kids with mobility issues. By creatively reworking, reinforcing, or modifying the cars, these kids get to move about freely under their own control. They have some independence and freedom that they would not otherwise enjoy.

This project has Goodness written all over it. It provides freedom of movement to kids that would not get to enjoy it any other way. It helps them exert some control over their own lives. It gives them much needed physical therapy motivation. It focuses on a population that is too often overlooked and neglected, and the knowledge gained is being given away for free! I applaud this program on every level. It is exactly what this world needs more of.  We need to mobilize happiness for each other …and for ourselves.

I want you to think about the quote above. “I want you to feel like you have control over your own happiness.” Feeling like we have power over our lives is important for everyone. Do you feel like you have control over your own happiness? Do you know the way to mobilize your own joy? If not, what can you do to change that?

Too often in life we submit to the disabilities and disadvantages we have – regardless what they are. We lie motionless in our unhappiness and never consider other options that could help us “move” away from that static place. I urge you to think about what could change in your life that would empower you to feel more joy. Are there things you could do that would give you a sense of hope – a sense of freedom?

How can you modify your life to make it better for your own special needs? It’s ok to not function like everyone else does. It’s ok to be different. Do you need more time to just sit and think, to ponder? Then find ways to quiet yourself  - less television? fewer commitments? Do you need more energy to start the day? Then dedicate yourself to walking outdoors or even just stretching out in the mornings because energy begets energy. Take tiny steps toward freedom. Look carefully at what you can do to improve your world. Here’s a hint…helping others is the quickest way to get unstuck! Giving is the fastest route out of sadness. Find someone who needs your help and offer what you can give. Look for ways to improve the world like Dr. Galloway is doing. Give of yourself and get joy. It’s a win/win for everybody!

“I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good for another.” Thomas Jefferson

A "Good" Idea:
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