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If I’m being honest, I must confess – I am a mess right now. Once again I have let myself repeat a pattern all too familiar to me. In my attempt to do some good and important things, I took on too much, lost my balance, and now everyone pays. This summer was a demanding one with extra boarders at home and a new business start-up. It was followed by a fall that asked even more from me and gave little in return. In the midst of it all I made a critical error – one that I know better than to make. I stopped tending my nest.

If you follow SaveGoodness at all you know that this is our mantra – our key message, “tend your nest.” We believe that inside each of us there is a place where our hearts live. This space is what we call your nest. To be healthy and successful in life you must have a safe place for your heart to thrive. There are four key ingredients for a good nest: Beauty, Trueness, Love, and Life-giving Things. These things keep our hearts well-nourished and alive, and you need them every day. If you do not have them you will find yourself adrift, going through the motions, physically alive but emotionally dead.

These are truths that I teach and believe. I know that they work and that I am a better person if I make my nest a top priority. So why am I here? Again? It is time for some soul searching and deep honesty aka a “Trueness session” with myself. In the meantime let me ask you, do you have repeating patterns in your life? Are there ways that you keep tripping over the same roots, snagging on the same branches? Have you thought about your own nest and what it needs?

It is not uncommon for humans to have areas of weakness that trip us up repeatedly. We tend to repeat certain mistakes. The trick is to notice the patterns in your life. When you see a repeating negative pattern it is an indication that you may have a hole in your nest. You put things in and they keep falling out – over and over again. I found this to be true for me regarding being on time. I had a tendency to be late to the point that it became my reputation. As I started examining my nest I realized that I had a hole I had never noticed.

All through my childhood I felt disrespected by those in authority. I realized that being late was a passive way for me to disrespect others – not a Good thing! Once I realized this, it was relatively easy for me to correct. I did not want to be disrespectful to others. I filled the hole in my nest by realizing that I had been behaving out of hurts from my past that I now could see and deal with. I could make a conscious decision to be on time and show respect rather than just functioning out of old habits and passive anger. The hole was fairly easy to see once I zeroed in on it. My clue had been the repeated behavior of being late. I filled the hole with the Goodness of wanting to show respect which is the True me – not the old passive me.

What patterns are throwing you off?  It is likely that there are things you assume are “you” that are not really in line with the True You. At your core there is a longing for Goodness and Wholeness because you were born of Love. You came from Love and you long to be in harmony with Love. What things derail you? I am asking myself that question about this pattern I see of running myself into the ground and not realizing it until I am too far gone. I suspect it is again a respect issue – this time toward myself rather than others. I have not respected myself and my own limitations. I have neglected my own needs. Do you ever do that? Do you ever treat yourself with less respect than you would someone else?

I am going to look a little deeper into my own heart and see what is at the root of this. I hope you will join me and consider the needs of your own heart. Let’s see if we can’t get a little closer to our core – to the TRUE us. It takes some time and courage, but remember, at the core – Love is waiting.


A "Good" Idea:
Do you ever get derailed? Let Goodness help you get back on track

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  1. bill kreul says:

    You have again captured such an important concept for us to follow. As we know , the words and the understanding are easier than the doing. Getting off the track is a common behavior. AA might refer to it as “falling off the wagon”. Most of us need constant reminders and perhaps participation on a support group for this addiction of self-depreciation. Your regular reminders are a good help for us to take better care of ourselves. Thank you for doing that.

    • Sooz says:

      Thanks Bill – “addiction to self-depreciation” I think I am going to have to adopt this phrase. It is something I am all too familiar with. Thanks for your encouragement. Together we can help each other.

  2. Nadi Gray says:

    Thank you Sue for all you do and admit not doing. Patterns can be illusive so understanding their source is genius. Love ya, Nadi

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