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Some people end up playing a miniature version of themselves in life, not really owning the space they have been given. Others are life-size, fitting nicely into the life they lead. Then there are those rare few who are larger-than-life. These people spill out of themselves and onto everything around them. They cannot be contained. I have a friend like that. His name is Scott. Scott now goes by the Hindi name Nadi which means “river.” The name was given to him during his world travels, and I happen to think it suits him. Nadi is a living current of joy and life – always moving, always flowing.

Unlikely friends, we were quite close in high school.  I think it was mostly because we functioned as life rafts for each other. Today we both claim that the other saved our life. I know he saved mine. Nadi and I lost touch for two decades. Then, thanks to Facebook, we reconnected. I have been watching him these last few years as he has been galvanizing his global dream and the great passion of his life – the passion he calls One Family.

You see, Nadi is an explorer by instinct and a vagabond by trade. In his lifetime he has visited over 50 countries, witnessing the beauty and diversity of our amazing planet. He has hiked great mountains and kneeled in holy places; he has wandered ancient cobblestone streets and joined in native dances; he has stared into haunting eyes and touched the tender faces of people around the world. He has seen what few of us have seen – the “oneness” of mankind.

Nadi tells that he was putting together some of his travel photos for an art exhibit when the truth of human oneness really began to hit him. He was looking at scenes from around the globe, a woman daydreaming in Singapore, men playing chess in Beijing, women dancing in Barcelona, and young boys swimming with their dog in South Africa. He realized that these same scenes are repeated everywhere. He began to see how at a very basic level, humanity, whether separated by history, culture, language, belief, or even war, has maintained a common foundation from its past.

Despite our differences we are one human family. The common threads of human experience run through all cultures and classes. Mothers are anxious when their children go off to school. Fathers work and fight to help their families survive. Children look for ways to build and create. We all laugh, love, mourn, and celebrate. We may look different and have different thoughts, but at our core we are bright and beautiful living energy, all from the same source merely veiled in different skin.

What would the world look like if we actually functioned as if this were true? We could solve, mend, equip and establish so much. What if we actually realized that we belong to each other? What if we felt responsible for each other?  In response to his developing awareness, Nadi created a website that promotes the idea of One Family. There he challenges us to consider this concept, to imagine it, and to begin to make it a reality – to start right where we are. This is my favorite part of One Family as a concept. It calls us to make small deliberate changes right now, at home, in our own neighborhoods.

Here are some of the goals of One Family as stated in their overview:

- create connections between people everywhere that will inspire them to see we are all the same on so many basic levels

- help people begin celebrating the potential for human unity

- focus on what we share in common, moving beyond simply tolerating diversity to a new mindset where we explore and embrace our differences

- help members join projects or events to build One Family

- most importantly, to take one step each day to embrace someone, perhaps someone they would not normally consider embracing

- to inspire you as you inspire us, creating a continuous cycle of goodwill within a growing family, our family, One Family

Years ago I needed a friend that would treat me like family – someone who would believe in me, speak truth to me, and just show me that they cared. Having ONE person do that saved my life. The power to change the world is within our grasp. It begins at the breakfast table, at school, or on the job. Because Nadi and I invested in each other years ago, the world now has One Family and Savegoodness. These are little acorns that have the potential to grow into mighty oaks. Decide to start living a life that is larger than you have known. Plant some seeds of your own. Use your imagination and your Goodness to see the world as One Family.

Please check out the One Family webpage @ www.imagine1.org and consider joining this movement. You can find Day Of One, a yearly One Family event on Facebook.

Check out this Pinterest Board of Beautiful Faces from Around the World ; http://pinterest.com/irelanddreams/for-the-joy-of-it-all/

A "Good" Idea:
What would happen if we saw the world as one family?

earth in hand

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  1. Dear Susan,

    Last night I wrote to a friend, “The greatest testimony for being your authentic self is the happiness you discover there. Your life will show the price worthy of the purchase.”

    I believe this plainly describes the lives of all who embrace the life they were born to live and of course it describes you. I invite everyone who knows you and reads this to answer these two questions, “What would your life be like if Susan did not enter into it?” and “When you are 80 years old, what would make you cry with happiness or regret?”

    When answering the first question, consider how Susan has dared live an authentic life, to embrace the greatness the Universe bestowed her with, to share and build and grow and unite and heal. When answering the second question, take time to see if your ship is headed towards the star you see in the distance or if you are meandering around without holding the rudder or watching the wind in your sails. We all get off track, we all lose momentum, we all get discouraged, but that is exactly why we have people like Susan in our lives. If you are reading this, you know her, and if you know her, you know I know what I am talking about. Can you hear me roaring in celebration!

    Susan, on the below freezing night of 1 Feb 2008, I stood by a frozen pond who had lessons to teach me. She asked why I had never noticed her before and I asked why I should have. She replied softly that in her collective molecules, over the previous millenia she had laid on every beach, visited every mountain crevice, born every river and stream, flew across each axis of the sky. Then, there, on that night, she was assembled before me in that time and place and I did not even notice her experience. I was awestruck by her revelation to me. I immediately understood the importance of so many in the creation of my evolving pond. I saw the importance of every moment, every encounter in my life as it will create ponds that will lay peacefully in the millenia to come.

    No one who knows you can deny your goodness, consistency as a friend, your giving more than you take, and your kindness to all, especially me when I needed it most. You are so right that we both have claim to each other’s lives as without the other, we would not be now collected here and now as we are.

    Bless you my dear, dear friend for all your goodness,

    I have one special request for you and your readers. Please join me and people from all around the world on New Year’s Day each year at midnight. In nations all around the world we read something called “Day of One”. In doing so we commit to live as One Family. I have posted the words below and a link to join the Event. I also posted a link where they can join One Family and leave a comment that appears on the web site about why they believe we must live and love as One Family.

    Day of One Event link https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/531510583534302/

    Join imagine1.org’s One Family link

    Words to Day of One
    On this Day of One, then on each day of this New Year, we commit to one another to live as One Family, to live with this new purpose, to strengthen our love for all, to embrace those different from ourselves, to share our resources, to find courage to forgive injuries, to wage peace, and to heal our collective wounds. On each day, in every encounter, we commit to notice the unnoticed, defend the defenseless, unite the divided, and love the unloved.

  2. Meri Lee says:

    Beautiful….I’m in!

  3. Bill says:

    As to the first question; my life would be less rich. Susan writes about issues which impact most of us. And,her writing is so very skilled . Many times she has written about an issue which has troubled me and I have a new perspective. She also writes from the heart. She has also enriched people I love and that is a bonus to what she does. As to your second question about when you’re 80; This year I get to be 79,and from that perspective I feel blessed to know Susan and to read her thoughts. Ask me when I’m 90 and ill feel as strongly.Susan, keep writing. Your gift heals.
    Love to you

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