Pick Three – The Holiday Challenge

Posted by Sooz on Monday, December 3, 2012 | 1 Comment

I suspect the North Pole is in a flurry at the moment getting everything in order for the big “World Tour 2012.” Toys are being painted, bows tied, shoes shined, sleigh inspected. The reindeer are probably doing their pre-flight workout every day for the next couple of weeks. I know a lot of other people who are working hard too. Seems everybody wants to make the holidays special. Have you decorated yet? And what about Hanukkah? Is the menorah sparkling? Are the candles ready? Do the dreidels need a practice spin?

This time of year we are all thinking about the special people in our lives. It is a joy to celebrate the holidays with the ones we love. What a wonderful time to reflect on the people who make our lives more beautiful and bright.

This year the SaveGoodness team wants to issue a special challenge. So often we focus on those closest to us – our family and friends, and that is a great thing. But what about the people around us who serve us and never get noticed? What about the “invisible” people in our lives? You know, the people who take care of you in some way or another; serve your food, sack your groceries, mow your lawn, help your aging parents, or bring your mail. Or maybe it’s the good soul who is always smiling as they do their job, or the mother that you see who is SO good with her kids. What about the teenager who is unusually polite, or the nurse who goes out of her way to help you when you really need it?

Without the help of these kind souls our lives would be quite different. There would be gaping holes where they had been. Now is the time to remember these people – the ones you hardly think of in the rush of the year that would be missed if no longer there. It’s time to stop,” look them in the eye”, and say thank you. There are many ways you can do this. You can speak to them face to face. The moment you create will stay with them for a long time. You can write a note or place a call. In this gift giving season you can also share a small token that will let them know how thankful you are.

If we really want to change the world then we have to let people know they are loved. We have to do our part to turn the tide of indifference. Think of what it would have meant to you to have someone notice or appreciate some invisible task you have done. Give what you didn’t get! It is the strength of Goodness.

In the coming three weeks, we challenge you to pick one soul each week that you can surprise! Plan a little gift or Goodness that will touch their hearts. The most important thing is to be specific in your kindness. Tell them exactly why you appreciate them or what it is in them that you admire. Make a deposit in their heart for Goodness sake! And here’s the cool thing – your actions will certainly uplift the receiver, but it may also turn out to be your most favorite part of the holiday season. Go ahead – pick three.

Come back to this post and share your success – it will motivate us all.


A "Good" Idea:
Who's world can you brighten this holiday season? Try the Pick Three Challenge and see.


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  1. Mark says:

    This is a great exercise! I’ve seen two people so far this week in a light that I probably wouldn’t have if I had not read this post. Thank you! Now to act on it; because it doesn’t mean near as much if I don’t express myself. This has definitely changed my Christmas experience this year!

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