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Goodness is about overflow. It should bubble up from you like water from a spring. If you allow your heart to be nourished with Beauty, Trueness, Love and Life-Giving Things every day, then you will begin to see Goodness increase in you and overflow will eventually be inevitable.  Fact is, however, sometimes we need to prime the pump.

Within you is a well. It is the place where Goodness is stored. Often people do not realize their own potential for Goodness because 1. They don’t nourish their own hearts. 2. They don’t prime the pump. You have to foster the growth of Goodness inside yourself. If you become emotionally dried out you will begin to be angry and feel bitter. If you keep yourself nourished with daily doses of Beauty, Trueness, Love and life-Giving Things then you will have a reserve of Goodness to share. This means that you must be deliberate and intentional about the care of your inner self or what we call the Nest. Toxic twigs have to go and good stuff must be woven in before you can feel ready to share Goodness with others.

Many people have Goodness stored up, but it seldom leaves them. They think of themselves as good people but they don’t often act on that Goodness. When was the last time you acted on the Goodness inside you? Is it your habit or the exception to the rule for you? The thing I see most often is that people do not realize that Goodness is in them waiting to be used. If they knew the profound difference it would make in their lives and in the lives of others they would be quick to act on it, but they don’t even know it is an option.

We have all gotten hurt, disappointed and bruised by life. It is natural to want to self-protect.  But as we shield ourselves from the potential of incoming pain, we also impede the outflow of Goodness from within! Everything in nature teaches us that things work in cycles. Air cycles in and out of our bodies. Water moves through cycles such as tides, the seasons, plant life – all these things go through cycles. Everything moves in a kind of regenerating circle. But what if that cycle gets interrupted? What if the natural flow of things is stopped?

This interruption happens in people and it is not always easy to restart. The acts of Goodness that came more readily to us as children become awkward movements for adults. Giving a sincere compliment, listening carefully to a person in distress, sharing a kindness or a tender moment – these things feel awkward to adults. That is, unless you have kept the cyclical flow of Goodness going in your life.

If you find yourself stalled out in Goodness remember this, it is in you but you have got to get it moving again. You need to prime the pump. Just like a well pump, it takes a few cranks to pull the water up from the bottom of the well. Sometimes you have to pour water in the top of the pump to get it to function properly. This is called priming the pump. To restart Goodness you have pour Goodness into yourself. As you start to pump for Goodness remember that your actions are going to feel awkward and unnatural at first. They may produce nothing in you or other people – but you must Keep Pumping!! Try again and again until it starts to feel natural and before you know it…You Will Be Flowing! You have to Practice the movement until it produces natural Goodness.

Remember that Goodness may not feel natural to you at first. It may also feel strange to the people who know you too. They may misread you or be suspicious at first because this behavior is out of the norm for you. Do not be discouraged!!! It takes time for people to trust that this Goodness is really coming from the truest you.

Think about ways that Goodness uniquely expresses itself through you. Make a determined effort this week to prime the pump. Commit to pour out Goodness – that means “pumping” until the Goodness starts to flow. If your well is dry, refill it by drenching yourself in some Beauty, Trueness, Love and Life-Giving Things every day! You will be surprised to find that effect of Goodness is as refreshing and life-giving as the benefit of cool water on a hot summer day. Become a cool drink of Goodness – who knows, you just might save a thirsty soul!



A "Good" Idea:
Goodness doesn't always flow easily - sometimes you have to prime the pump.

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  1. Cindy Dunn says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article and the parallel drawn between priming a literal pump to extract water, and the figurative priming of the pump for goodness drawn from the heart. Brilliant way of expressing and idea for clarity! Thanks Sooz!

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