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We believe that everyone needs to know the message of the Good Nest. We want everyone to think about where their heart lives and what kind of surroundings they create for their interior life. What kind of world do they build for their own heart?  Our culture is obsessed with how to care for our physical bodies. We spend trillions of dollars on healthcare and the upkeep of the outside of us, but how much do we invest in the care of our insides, our hearts and souls? At Save Goodness we believe that caring for the inside of you is every bit as important as caring for the outside. We believe that your heart matters above all else and that surrounding yourself with Goodness is critical in the fight to Save Goodness.

What kind of twigs make up your nest? What toxic twigs like shame and fear are woven in to where you live and what Good twigs do you have? We encourage people to pursue Beauty, Trueness, Love and Life-Giving things every day because we have found that these things are vital to a healthy nest.  We want you to look at your nest and choose carefully what you let stay, what you remove, and what you need to add.  How you feel and think and how you react and respond are all related to the condition of your heart and your interior life.

Study up on these things by reading the free Field Guide downloadable from our store then strike up a conversation with people you know. Let them know that you care about their hearts and the Goodness that lives in them.

We have a great T-shirt featuring the Good Nest in the Save Goodness store. Wear it as a conversation starter or just for Goodness’ sake.  Most of all, share the Nest News with your friends so that everyone can enjoy the Goodness.

“Good for the body is the work of the body, and good for the soul is the work of the soul, and good for either is the work of the other.” ~Henry David Thoreau



A "Good" Idea:
Start a conversation about Goodness. People need to know the importance of their nest - the place where their heart lives.


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