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“Someday we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally in to you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Words have power.  They shape the way we look at the world. They shape us. That is why it is so important to surround yourself with Good Words! There are many ways to do this – through books, conversations, proclamations, songs, and prayers, by poetry and word art.

We urge you to paper the walls of your nest with Good Words. Surround yourself with inspiration –quotes, poems, verses – anything that is Life-giving and hopeful – that causes you to pause and remember or to think.

I have a board over my workspace where I hang pictures and things that inspire me. I have a poem there glued to pretty paper.  It is sort of an ode to words, and I love the way it moves.


Pretty Words by Elinor Wylie

Poets make pets of pretty, docile words:

I love smooth words, like gold-enameled fish

Which circle slowly with a silken swish

And tender ones, like downy-feathered birds:

Words shy and dappled, deep-eyed deer in herds

Come to my hand, and playful if I wish,

Or purring softly at a silver dish,

Blue Persian kittens fed on cream and curds.


I love bright words, words up and singing early:

Words that are luminous in the dark, and sing;

Warm lazy words, white cattle under trees;

I love words opalescent, cool, and pearly,

Like midsummer moths, and honied words like bees,

Gilded and sticky, with a little sting. 








This poem reminds me that words are meant to move us, inspire us, comfort us, and keep us. It makes the argument, as does Maya Angelou, that words are things, and I, for one, believe it.

What words are in your world? What words do you keep close to remind, instruct, or inspire? We want to offer you a phrase that means the world to us. It is a phrase that expresses the desire of every human heart. We use it all the time to remind us what is important. “To know and be known, to love and be loved, to serve and be served, to celebrate and be celebrated.” This phrase is produced as wall art that can be applied directly to you walls. Put it there to remind you and inspire you.  You can find it in our store, or you can look for your own inspiration. Either way, surround yourself with powerful Words of Goodness! And let them get in you.

A "Good" Idea:
Surround yourself with words of Goodness! They are important to support and encourage you.


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