The Birthday Stocking

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I just had the best birthday ever! This year I turned 50 and my greatest hope was that I would spend this special day in Maine – not on vacation, but as a resident. No small wish, but here we are, perched in our little nest in mid-coast Maine! It is such a joy to me to be here and to call this beautiful place home. This change of address was gift enough for me, but I also received some other amazing things. My dearest and best buddies, Meri Lee and Carl, gave me a canoe which was a gift I had dreamed of! I have wanted to own a canoe for years and they bought me a beauty! I also had a precious friend and her daughter visit for the weekend. Their visit fed my soul! My family spoiled me with heartfelt and amazing gifts. They made me feel loved and known.

In addition to all this Goodness, we got to start a new tradition this year. It was so meaningful that I wanted to share it with you. A week or so before my birthday one of my favorite people sent me a package, inside there was a “Birthday Stocking.” Christmas stocking I know, but Birthday Stocking??? My friend wrote detailed instructions and told the family how to celebrate using this charming gift.

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We all know the wonderful feeling of pulling out little gifts from a stocking. It is my children’s favorite thing at Christmas. Such tiny treasures can be hidden in a sock – things that mean a lot or just make you smile. My friend encouraged us to bring that joy to family birthdays as well! I thought that was sheer Goodness. She made a stocking that would work for all of us – natural colors that reflect the rocky coast of Maine. And for this birthday, my husband filled it with little things that touched my heart.

He typed out 50 things he loved about me, cut them in tiny strips and stuffed them throughout the stocking. With them he added 50 chocolate kisses and a beautiful ceramic bird in my favorite color. It was precious to me. The goodness about a stocking is that you feel very celebrated because the giver has to be creative and resourceful finding little gifts. You can also keep expenses down and still make it a wonderful gift. I love little practical things, finds from nature (seashells, a heart shaped rock), and silly things like bubbles, a Slinky, or some Silly Putty.  The stocking passes to each person in the family as the year goes by and by the return of January, everyone has had a turn.

At Savegoodness we often share ideas that we hope will inspire you to connect on a heart level with the people that you love. I think the Birthday Stocking is a perfect example of that. A sweet and thoughtful gift that becomes a family tradition. You can find your own pattern on-line or order a stocking from a seller on Etsy. However you go about it, find a way to incorporate this Goodness into your next family birthday celebration. It will be a hit and add to the Goodness traditions that you keep.

When we invest in small ways in each other, the impact over time is immeasurable!


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

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  1. Sharon says:

    What a great idea!

  2. Emily says:

    There you are! You deserve all of the goodness you collect, sweet Susan.

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