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Your nest is the place where your heart lives. It is your home within. Your nest is where passion, character, creativity, and integrity are born.  It plays a vital role in who you become in life. Because of this, it is critical to build a good nest for yourself. If you surround yourself with twigs of Goodness like Beauty, Trueness, Love, and Life-Giving things then you will find your heart refreshed and inspired.  If you have toxic twigs in your nest like shame, fear, anger, or bitterness you will feel discouraged and drained. Toxic twigs create a toxic environment for you to live in. Good twigs give you inspiration and a sense of hope and possibility. We encourage you to seek Beauty, Trueness, Love, and Life-Giving things every day and to carefully choose what twigs you surround yourself with.

We have much more detailed information about your nest and how to care for it in our free Field Guide available for download in our store. It is our hope that you will begin to explore the condition of your own nest. We want it to be something that you remember and think about daily. Begin by taking an inventory of what you currently find in your nest. These questions will help you begin:

  • What is the “truest” thing you can say about yourself?
  • Do you generally feel calm and peaceful inside or stirred up and anxious?
  • Would you say that you feel safe inside? Secure or insecure?
  • Do you rest well at night?
  • What does your own voice say to you about yourself? Are you accused or affirmed?
  • Can you turn the TV and stereo off and sit quietly? Can you spend time alone with yourself and not run away or get distracted?
  • What truly satisfies you and gives you deep pleasure?
  • Do you think emotional well-being is as important as physical well-being? Are you worth the trouble it takes to get it?
  • When you look in the mirror what do you think? Do you value the person looking back at you?
  • What do you believe other people think of you? Do you agree with them?
  • Do you feel at home in your own skin?
  • Does all this talk of emotions irritate or intrigue you?
  • How would you feel if someone could climb inside your skin and feel what it’s like to be you? Would you welcome them into your nest, or be embarrassed for them to see the condition it is in?

Let yourself begin to look inside. Make it a goal to work on your nest. List the twigs you can identify around you. Start to assess what should stay in your nest and what should go. If you have a Good Nest then Goodness will come more easily to you and that is what we want for you!  We also want you to be inspired by the Good Nest. We offer a beautiful printed canvas of our original Good Nest for purchase in our store. It is a great way to keep this concept in the forefront of your thoughts.

“Your heart will take the shape of your nest. May your nest be safe, soft, and satisfying.” ~Save Goodness

Free Download: My Nest Inventory (458)  – use this free download  to start an inventory of your own nest

A "Good" Idea:
Your nest is where your heart lives. Learn how to care for this important space within.


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