The Power of Being Welcomed

Posted by Sooz on Monday, January 28, 2013 | 5 Comments

It is striking to me the impact Goodness can have through the simplest of actions. With a little intention and focused kindness we can change the atmosphere around us from negative or neutral to positive. The advantage of this is that creating a positive environment means creating a place of health and wholeness for ourselves and others. We have the POWER to change the atmosphere we live and work in. We can charge (electrify, ignite) the space around us with positive emotion, love and Goodness, and create a space that heals – a space that promotes well-being.

Let me give you a specific example that I am benefiting from at this very moment. My good friend and co-founder of SaveGoodness, Meri Lee, is away right now helping her husband crush cancer. The two of them are precious and generous people. They know that I tend to be someone who needs a lot of quiet and time to think, so before they left, they offered me their sweet little above-the-garage apartment that we lovingly call “The Honey Bee.”

I arrived yesterday for some much needed peace and quiet. Just driving on to their property gave me a sense of comfort – why, because this is a place where my husband and I feel loved and cared for. We have had so many happy experiences here. Weddings, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, but most of all – time spent eating, drinking, and talking about our hearts together. The four of us have devoted ourselves to the care and keeping of each other’s hearts and it is a powerful gift to have in your life.

When I arrived, I came to the red door and pulled out my special key tied with a ribbon. My Christmas present from Carl and Meri was the wonderful book, The Artist’s Way, with a key to the Honey Bee tied tightly around it. Such a simple thing, but that little ribbon on the key symbolized the love and forethought that went into this gift. As I came up the stairs I saw my name on the welcome board in that distinct handwriting that I know so well. I was rushed with a sense of being expected, wanted, welcomed, and it opened up my weary heart. Next I saw a note on the table addressed to me. It was simple and straightforward – like a good hug. I stood for a moment basking in the fact that these little gestures were so comforting and healing to me. They were restoring to my soul.


Little gestures have big power. The simplest of kindnesses can change a mood – alter the complexion of the day. Instead of blasting through our To Do List being “productive” we can enter this present moment, look around, and see where the need is, where the opportunity is to SHIFT a situation from negative to positive. The darkness in this world is pervasive, but darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. Take every opportunity to bring your light into the darkness. Inspire Goodness by being Goodness!

What opportunities do you have to change the atmosphere of a room, to make someone feel welcome? The chances to change a space come frequently and the task is easy. Simple little actions make a world of difference. Look for ways to make people feel welcomed, loved, valuable, accepted, and positive. The place can be anywhere – the grocery store, your school, your church, and most importantly – your own home. Small actions that produce positive emotions go a long way in healing others. Science is proving that. And incidentally, acting in a positive way is healing and helpful for the giver as well as the receiver.

Let Goodness guide you throughout your day. Take an ordinary moment and make it count. Find ways to Charge (electrify, ignite) your environment in a positive way. It is the small things, the little moments that can make the biggest difference. Find a way to encourage someone today – try it and see if YOU don’t feel better!

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A "Good" Idea:
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5 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    I just walked into the Honey Bee with you…and was covered in a warm shiver as I was washed over with the same feeling you felt. It’s the same feeling you’ve given me countless – truly, countless – times with your gestures, both small and large. Enjoy your time in a sacred space, friend.

    PS: I was just reminded of the moment in which my dad gave me my key to our place up in Maine. It was a milestone, and the giving of it signified a trust and belief that I cherish. xxx.

  2. Bill says:

    Dear Sooz
    As you probably know others have had those feelings of welcome which lift ones spirits. Many of us keep those feelings too deeply within us never to really flourish as they could. Thank you for finding the words to bring those feelings closer to the surface of my life.

    • sooz says:


      You are so dear. I know that you know this love that warms us on visits to the “Bee”. Thank you for your comments. Your words give me courage to keep writing.

  3. Strong Passionate Eagle says:

    Learning to receive goodness is just as important as giving it. Our hearts require both. Don’t stop with the appetizer and leave. Put your feet up, warm yourself, have a meal and let your hunger be satisfied, even for a moment. Your heart will begin to fill again and you just might believe that you’re welcome back anytime! What would your life look like if you believed that? What would you do differently? How would it feel to not be empty? What if you could give out of abundance and still feel full? It can happen, really! Who’s in?

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