The You Are Loved Project

Posted by Sooz on Monday, May 21, 2012 | 4 Comments

Words are powerful. They have the power to build up and power to tear down.  At no time in life are we more vulnerable to the influence of words than when we are young. Elementary school is the perfect environment to grow strong and healthy kids. All too often, simple opportunities to encourage students end up buried under the excessive demands facing our schools today.  SaveGoodness believes that our schools aspire to build up with words; to teach, inspire confidence, and endorse human value and individual worth. We want to help by putting life-giving words in front of these young students. That is why we feel so strongly about the You Are Loved Project.

Various studies have been conducted to determine the impact of visual arts on people in a variety circumstances including stressful situations like hospital waiting rooms. Consistently the research has shown that what we see has an effect on how we feel and how we respond to different situations. Research supports the idea that positive images have a powerful ability to calm, instill confidence, and yield positive responses. “In the context of healthcare environments, there is a compelling body of literature on the use of ‘restorative’ visual images that can reduce stress, anxiety, and pain perception.”

What if we could combine the power of words AND the influence of visual arts to help students on a daily basis? This is the root of the You Are Loved Project. We want to put a positive image in front of elementary school kids every day believing that if they see more positive they will be more positive. The original You Are Loved piece hangs in our work studio. It reminds us of where all of Goodness must begin – in the heart. What more appropriate place to display these wooden reproductions of the original, than in the halls of elementary schools? Kids are up against so much in this age of busyness and technology, not to mention peer pressure, bullying, and the myriad of other challenges they face daily. The idea that these three simple but powerful words could stand silently by to offer care, hope, beauty and courage to young students, is compelling indeed. Without saying an audible word, these pieces of art speak volumes, every day. Kindergarten through grade 5, and beyond – a Goodness beginning to their school career, this is our hope.

Ambitious though it may be, our goal with the You Are Loved Project is to install You Are Loved artwork in every elementary school in the country – beginning with Tennessee. Also, for every 10 schools that allocate a purchase of a You Are Loved, we will donate one to a school in a disadvantaged district. SaveGoodness also envisions local businesses partnering with schools, to sponsor placement of a You Are Loved in a school facility. A small commemorative plaque inscribed with the sponsor’s name will be mounted next to the artwork. It will not only serve as a reminder of the sponsor’s generosity, but also its commitment to support and encourage the activities of the school and its students.

Consider joining us as we attempt to bring Goodness to elementary schools around the country. Help us build a foundation of Goodness for young hearts and minds. For more information pleased click on the You Are Loved Project button. Thanks.



A "Good" Idea:
Join us as we endeavor to put some Goodness in the elementary schools across this nation. Find out more by clicking on the You Are Loved Project button.


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  1. debra sadler says:

    Hi – Sad that we couldn’t make it to your opening celebration last Fri. night! Can we do a ‘rain check’ w/you soon? I want to know more about the site – and this is a wonderful thing you’re doing. Blessings, Debra & Gary

    • Meri Lee says:

      Hello Debra and Gary!
      We certainly missed you! Would so love the chance to see you both again, and catch up (maybe make a pizza : ) The Art will be up at the Good Cup through July, if you have a chance to stop in. We think of you both so often- can you come for dinner?

      • debra sadler says:

        Yes!!! (to pizza dinner) -w/mucho gusto! : ) Thanks for the invite. (Sorry I didn’t get back to your site until tonight.) Let’s line something up soon. Love, Debra

  2. Barb Bradway says:

    What a beautiful opening at “The Good Cup”. The message of “The You Are Loved” project is much needed in our society today. I know this will be a great success! Way to go Meri Lee and Sooz.
    Much love Barbie and Markus.

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