What Would You Do for Love?

Posted by Sooz on Monday, March 24, 2014 | 1 Comment

Beauty, Trueness, LOVE, and Life-Giving Things. These are the four building blocks of a life that thrives and is overflowing. To live well, to live a life that is well-functioning and authentic, you need a daily dose of each of these things. They must be the bedrock of your life.

Beauty, Trueness, and Life-Giving Things can be managed through nature, soul searching, and embracing your passion. They do not necessarily depend on anyone else. But Love – we need each other for that. Love gives us hope, it makes life worth living, it feeds our hungry souls. Love is particularly necessary when we are facing enormous challenges. In these times we can feel that Life itself has turned against us. Our very existence can be challenged and we need love to keep us grounded – to help us get through.

The following video is a challenge – a radical act of love. Those are rare these days. I want you to watch it and simply ask yourself this week…What would I do for love?


A "Good" Idea:
What would you do for love?


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