When the Bottom Falls Out

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I wish someone had told me to expect disruption in my life – to know that it would come and that it is normal. Disruption is an unavoidable part of living, but we act as if we can control it away. We make our pretty little worlds just the way we want them to be and are devastated when disruption finds us. American culture is particularly prone to this. We feel we should be exempt from such madness – and still it comes.

This week I read a story that overwhelmed me with Goodness. It is about a beautiful young mother who goes to the hospital to deliver her second child – only to find out things are not what she expected. The post is so powerful and important that I want to share it with you. It is lengthy, so I will be brief.

Knowing how to cope with disruption is critical to survival in life. Disruption WILL come. Disruption will rock your world; it will disturb you at some point. But how you THINK about it can make all the difference. Let me share some advice gathered from years of disruption in my own life – if you fight it, you LOSE. If you embrace it – you WIN. Everything in you will want to fight, but don’t – let the grace and peace that comes ONLY with acceptance be your guide.

Often I have failed to accept disruption and it has hurt me every time – sometimes for years following. On this occasion, I won… 7 years ago my husband, Mark, came home from work unusually early in the day. He was ashen as he walked from the car to the door. Fear began to creep over me as I rushed to the door to meet him. As he came across the threshold I greeted him with, “what is it – what’s wrong?” He proceeded to tell me that he had gotten a call from a boy who thought he might be his son. In that moment everything stood still, I stood suspended between what had been and this new revelation that Mark might have a son, but not my son. Mark had been honest with me about his life before “us” but that call is never something you expect. It was disruption.

By some kind of grace in that moment (even though I knew the religious community we lived in would judge and that it was going to forever change our lives, especially for my two daughters) I was able to say, “yes, Ok, I accept!” I told Mark that this would be our son and that we would set the tone for everyone else by our own attitude. If we love him then so will they…

Within the next few weeks it was confirmed that this boy was our son. We love him dearly and we are thrilled to have him. Disruption has Goodness in it – we just have to say “yes” and believe it until we can see it.

Please take the time to READ this post and watch the trailer below. It is a beautiful lesson in accepting disruption. Goodness to you dear friends…especially when the bottom falls out.

Click here to READ -   http://www.kellehampton.com/2010/01/nella-cordelia-birth-story.html


A "Good" Idea:
What do you do when the Bottom Falls Out?


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  1. Emily says:

    Thank you for reminding us that disruption – eruptions, even – they will happen to all of us. So often, when in the midst of turmoil, it can feel like we ‘must be doing something wrong’ to have welcomed this into our lives. Indeed, we’re not doing it wrong – we’re just being human.

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