You Deserve a Good Nest

Posted by Sooz on Monday, June 25, 2012 | 4 Comments

What makes you worthy of being loved, appreciated, or known? I ask this question because most of us, deep down in our souls, feel unworthy on some level. We look for validation that we matter. We want to know that someone sees us and knows us – accepts us as we are.

In life we encounter all kinds of experiences that either validate who we are or undermine our worth and value. These things begin to make up the nest we live in. When a nest gets poisoned with toxic twigs like shame, rage, bitterness, and fear then it becomes an unhealthy place to live. The messages woven into our nest begin to inform us. They begin to direct our lives. The problem is that most of these messages come from outside sources. They are, many times, inaccurate or untrue of us and do not belong in our nest. Because they get woven in when we are young or vulnerable then we do not even realize that they are not true and should not be with us.

Nest care is at the core of Goodness. It is vital to know what is in your nest and to remove things that are toxic and unhealthy for you. This requires that you take time to be quiet and alone so that you can think about the messages that you hear in your soul. What is your nest telling you about yourself? Where are you defensive? Angry? Ashamed?  You must know yourself to have any honest experience with life. You must know yourself to realize your worth.  You must know yourself because you are worth knowing!

Here is the truth I believe about you.  Here is the truth I believe about your worth. You are a unique and original thought from the mind and heart of God. You come from and were created by Love and you were created TO Love. This Love is powerful and can change the world around you. When you embrace the truth about yourself and where you came from (Love) then you can make good choices for yourself and your future. You can quickly identify what is true about you and what is a lie. You can truly appreciate your worth. You are a divine expression of love with divine ability to love. You are worthy because you exist. You are not random, accidental, or an error. You are intentional. You have a reason to be here and a purpose for your life. You are as important as any other human on the planet. Your thoughts and ideas are as important as anyone else’s. You are valid because you are here – alive – now – in this moment. This is your time to be. Do not waste one second of it believing that you are not worthy.

If these words resonate as true but fail you quickly, then consider the messages in your nest. What has been said about you or to you that does not line up with this truth – You are unique and valuable because you are inspired by a divine force and have a purpose and reason for being. You have the power to change the world. Nothing that another human says or does can change the fact that you are worthy, but what they say can get stuck in your nest and give off toxic messages to your heart.

Work on your nest with devotion. Pull out the toxic twigs that make you forget the truth about yourself. These toxic messages will drain you and make it harder for you to fly. They will keep you from being free to be what you were born to be. Study and know yourself. What is it that you were born to do? What is it that makes you feel alive? What are you passionate about? Honor yourself by making time to do these things. As you do them people will begin to see you more clearly. You will see that being who you were born to be is joyful and satisfying – and the issue of worth will no longer be in question.

This is the life of Goodness – being true to who you are and living a passionate existence. In doing this Goodness will be preserved! Your life will be an overflow of Good to everyone around you because you are joyful and truly Alive. Remember -You were born to fly!

A "Good" Idea:
You deserve a Good Nest. Take some time to work on it.We can help you know how...


4 Responses

  1. Emily says:

    Powerful, as always. Thank you for seeing what you see in all people.


  2. Angela Sadler says:

    Thank you for making me stop and think about what’s toxic in my nest.. It’s crazy how I project untrue thoughts onto myself and my children because of past hurts.. I need to get recentered in my nest!!

  3. Sooz says:

    Me too Angela!

    Everyday I have to do nest work. It is giving me more freedom and joy, but I have to work at it. Knowing my own worth has also been a challenge for me so I have to focus on the truth about me, not how I feel. Thanks for the comment.

    Love to you -

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