Zombies Have Taken Over the World

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It’s true – everywhere the living dead walk the streets. They appear human, but do not be deceived, they are not alive.  They move among us, staggering through life dragging themselves from one place to the next – with never a heartbeat. The stories are true – they feed off the living, sucking the life from those who still have beating hearts. Their numbers are frightening and on the rise. They are the un- dead.

By the way, you might want to check your pulse. A typical side-effect of Zombie“ism” is that you rarely know you are one. You go about your days doing the same things you have always done. At first, you look and act much the same as before but your heart is turned off, unplugged, shut down – dead. You don’t feel things like you used to. Life seems unsatisfying and stale.  Every day is just like the day before. Along the way somewhere you ignored your heart to the point that it has stopped functioning. Lack of care for your own inner life  has resulted in a fate worse than death – you have become the living dead.

Here are the warning signs of Zombie“ism”:

1. You no longer feel hopeful or excited about life.

2. You move through your days like a robot with little or no feeling.

3. You have no passion.

4. Life seems unfulfilling and flat.

5. You try to find something to spark life in you but nothing seems to last.

6. You hunger for the life you see in others

7. You start to criticize people who are living lives more fulfilling than yours.

8. You feel tempted to try to sabotage people who seem successful and alive.

9. You moan and complain.

10. Life just stinks (by the way, that’s you you’re getting a whiff of)


If you find that you have been Zombiefied there is only one thing to do. You must act quickly. Time is of the essence. It is possible to reach the point of no return, but if you realize soon enough that you are a Zombie there is still hope! Follow these steps to return to the living.

Steps to Recovery for Zombies

1. Admit you are a Zombie – This step is key. You must openly admit the truth about your condition. Be real with yourself and someone else who knows you well. Tell them your situation and ask for help. Being vulnerable is the first step to getting your life back.

2. Commit to Resurrection – Next, DETERMINE to get your heart back. The grip of the Zombie “life” is pretty powerful because it numbs you. You don’t feel Anything.  Getting your heart back means you’re gonna feel it all – the good and the bad – but that’s the price (and the advantage) of being alive. Plus you look a lot better alive – have you seen a Zombie lately?  Make up your mind that you want to feel and be – not just exist. Say goodbye to Zombie“ism” and come back to the land of the living!

3. Start Your Heart – You are going to have to jumpstart your heart everyday on purpose until it returns to its original state. To do this you are going to have to take in Beauty, Trueness, Love, and Life-Giving things every day. To get the details on how to do this, start with a look at Chalkboard Lesson #1 - just click the link found under the Chalk Thought a the top of this page.

4. Do Good – Doing Good is the fastest way to reverse the effects Zombie“ism”. You will find that consistent choices to do good for yourself and others will soften and restore your heart faster and more fully than any other Zombie reversal treatment. Find at least one opportunity a day to do something good. The more you give, share, encourage, support, and help, the more ALIVE you will feel.

In the next post we are going to focus on some specific ideas on how you can do good. These will help you recover and restore your hope in yourself and life. Being a Zombie has its advantages I suppose – never having to bathe, or do your make-up, brush your tooth, or feel, but being ALIVE is much more of an adventure.  Being alive is being real, and being real doesn’t stink – like a Zombie…

Get your real life on and help us fight the Zombie Apocalypse!

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  1. traci bailey says:

    this is scary-good!

  2. sue says:

    Absolutely love this post – you are amazing – today I was headed toward a zombie path – tomorrow will be different – thanks for the awakening!

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