Words are powerful.

They have the power to build up and power to tear down. At no time in life are we more vulnerable to the influence of words than when we are young. Elementary school is the perfect environment to grow strong and healthy kids. All too often simple opportunities to encourage students end up buried under the excessive demands facing our schools today. SaveGoodness believes that our schools aspire to build up with words; to teach, inspire confidence, endorse human value, and individual worth. We want to help, by putting life-giving words in front of these young students. That is why we feel so strongly about the You Are Loved Project.

SaveGoodness.com is a web-based partnership devoted to helping individuals become stronger, better versions of themselves. The original You Are Loved piece hangs in our work studio. It reminds us of where all of Goodness must begin - in the heart. What more appropriate place to display these wooden reproductions of the original, than in the halls of elementary schools? Kids are up against so much in this age of busyness and technology, not to mention peer pressure, bullying and the myriad of other challenges they face daily. The idea that these three simple, but powerful words, could stand silently by to offer care, hope, beauty and courage to young students, is compelling indeed. Without saying an audible word, these pieces of art speak volumes, everyday, Kindergarten through grade 5 and beyond. With a Goodness beginning to their school career, the potential to carry through to middle and high school is likely.

Ambitious though it may be, our goal with the You Are Loved Project, is to install You Are Loved artwork in every elementary school in the country - beginning with Tennessee. Also, for every 10 schools that allocate a purchase of a You Are Loved, we will donate one to a school in a disadvantaged district. SaveGoodenss also envisions local businesses partnering with schools, to sponsor placement of a You Are Loved in a school facility. A small commemorative plaque inscribed with the sponsor’s name, will be mounted next to the artwork. It will not only serve as a reminder of the sponsors‘ generosity, but also its commitment to support and encourage the activities of the school and its students.

The artwork, like its message, is beautiful, strong and durable. Permanently printed on 3/8” medium density fiberboard, it measures 3’ x 4’, comes with hanging hardware and complete installation instructions. To learn more about the project, or to purchase artwork for a school, submit your information here.

Thank you for YOUR open heart……You Are Loved!


Davidson County

A. Z. Kelley Elementary School
Principal: Mrs. Marsha Dunn
5834 Pettus RD
Antioch TN 37013

Abundant Life Christian Academy
Principal: Bernice Russell
5207 Linbar Drive, Ste. 712
Nashville TN 37211

Alex Green Elementary
Principal: Dexter Adams
3921 Lloyd RD
Whites Creek TN 37189

Amqui Elementary
Principal: James Morris
319 Anderson LA
Madison TN 37115

Andrew Jackson Elementary
Principal: Mr. Edward Xavier Barrios
110 Shute LA
Old Hickory TN 37138

Artios Academy
Principal: Jason Charlton
15354 Old Hickory BL
Nashville TN 37211

Bellshire Elementary Design Center
Principal: Donna Wilburn
1128 Bell Grimes LA
Nashville TN 37207

Berry Elementary
Principal: Carol Hammond
2233 Winford AV
Nashville TN 37211

Bordeaux Elementary Enhanced Option
Principal: Jackie Kinzer
1910 South Hamilton RD
Nashville TN 37218

Born Again Christian Academy
Principal: Wilbert Peoples, Jr.
858 West Trinity LA
Nashville TN 37207

Brookmeade Elementary
Principal: Rob Hancock
1015 Davidson DR
Nashville TN 37205

Buena Vista Elementary Enhanced Option
Principal: Julie Hopkins
1531 9th Avenue North
Nashville TN 37208

Caldwell Enhanced Option
Principal: Michael Ross
401 Meridian ST
Nashville TN 37207

Carter Lawrence Elementary Magnet
Principal: Karen Hamilton
1118 12th Avenue South
Nashville TN 37203

Carter Lawrence Math / Science Elem.
Principal: Ruth Beaman
1110 12th So AV
Nashville TN 37203

Casa Dei Montessori
Principal: Amber Jennings
7646 Hwy. 70 S.
Nashville TN 37221

Chadwell Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Renita Perkins
321 Port DR
Madison TN 37115

Charlotte Park Elementary
Principal: Ms. Constance Hayes
480 Annex AV
Nashville TN 37209

Children First, A Montessori Community
Principal: Samanthia Anderson
1710 Woodmont BL
Nashville TN 37215

Clara Mohammed School
Principal: Mashasin Abdullah
3620 Buena Vista PK
Nashville TN 37218

Cockrill Elementary
Principal: Susan Cochrane
4701 Indiana AV
Nashville TN 37209

Cole Elementary
Principal: Chad High
5060 Colemont DR
Antioch TN 37013

Cora Howe Elementary
Principal: Thelma Smith
1928 Greenwood AV
Nashville TN 37206

Crieve Hall Elementary
Principal: Linda Mickle
498 Hogan RD
Nashville TN 37220

Cumberland Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Bertha Brown
4247 Cato RD
Nashville TN 37218

Dan Mills Elementary
Principal: Patti Yon
4106 Kennedy AV
Nashville TN 37216

Dodson Elementary
Principal: Tiffany Curtis
4401 Chandler RD
Hermitage TN 37076

Dupont Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Stephanie Hoskins
1311 9th ST
Old Hickory TN 37138

Eakin Elementary
Principal: An-Marie Gleason
2500 Fairfax AV
Nashville TN 37212

East Academy
Principal: Adrieenne Battle
108 Chapel AV
Nashville TN 37206

Fall- Hamilton Elementary Enhanced Option
Principal: Marsha McGill
510 Wedgewood AV
Nashville TN 37203

Gateway Elementary
Principal: Mr. John Garland
1524 Monticello AV
Madison TN 37115

Glencliff Elementary
Principal: Jeanette Smith
120 Antioch PK
Nashville TN 37211

Glendale Spanish Immersion Elementary School
Principal: Mrs. Mary Sue Clark
800 Thompson AV
Nashville TN 37204

Glengarry Elementary
Principal: Laurie Smith
200 Finley DR
Nashville TN 37217

Glenn Elementary Enhance Option School
Principal: Laura Snyder
322 Cleveland ST
Nashville TN 37207

Glenview Elementary
Principal: Claudia Russell
1020 Patricia DR
Nashville TN 37217

Goodlettsville Elementary
Principal: Michael Westveer
514 Donald ST
Goodlettsville TN 37072

Gower Elementary
Principal: Mr. Steven Cagle
650 Old Hickory BL
Nashville TN 37209

Granbery Elementary
Principal: Lori Donahue
5501 Hill RD
Brentwood TN 37027

Harpeth Valley Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Kimber Halliburton
7840 Learning LA
Nashville TN 37221

Hattie Cotton STEM Magnet
Principal: Elnora Mitchell-Furdge
1033 West Greenwood AV
Nashville TN 37206

Haywood Elementary
Principal: Melanie Potts
3790 Turley DR
Nashville TN 37211

Henry Maxwell Elementary School
Principal: Mrs. Lucia Ashworth
5535 Blue Hole RD
Antioch TN 37013

Hermitage Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Barbara Frazier
3800 Plantation DR
Hermitage TN 37076

Hickman Elementary
Principal: Paul Ketteman
3125 Ironwood DR
Nashville TN 37214

Hickman Elementary
Principal: Dorothy Critchlow
112 Stewarts Ferry PK
Nashville TN 37214

Hull Jackson Montessori Magnet
Principal: Martha Phillips
1015 Kellow ST
Nashville TN 37208

Inglewood Elementary
Principal: Carrie Mickle
1700 Riverside DR
Nashville TN 37216

J. E. Moss Elementary
Principal: Dr. Carlos Comer
4701 Bowfield DR
Antioch TN 37013

Joelton Elementary
Principal: Alan Powell
7141 Whites Creek PK
Joelton TN 37080

John B Whitsitt Elementary
Principal: Ms. Roxie Moss
110 Whitsitt RD
Nashville TN 37211

Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy
Principal: Ryan Boomershine
1377 Old Hickory BL
Nashville TN 37207

Jones Paideia Magnet
Principal: Ms. Debra Smith
1800 9th AV
Nashville TN 37208

Julia Green Elementary
Principal: Robin Cayce
3701 Belmont BL
Nashville TN 37215

Kirkpatrick Elementary Enhanced Option
Principal: Ms. Sandra Moorman
1000 Sevier ST
Nashville TN 37206

Knowledge Learning Center
Principal: Katrica L. Barnes
10 Knoll Place
Nashville TN 37211

Lakeview Elementary Design Center
Principal: Robin Shumate
455 Rural Hill RD
Nashville TN 37217

Lockeland Elementary Design Center
Principal: Mrs. Christie C. Lewis
105 South 17th ST
Nashville TN 37206

May Werthan Shayne Elementary School
Principal: Ms. Pam Greer
6217 Nolensville RD
Nashville TN 37211

McGavock Elementary
Principal: Dr. Christopher Marczak
275 McGavock PK
Nashville TN 37214

Montessori East
Principal: Austin Presler
701 Porter RD
Suite J
Nashville TN 37206

Morny Elementary
Principal: Mrs Dollene M Myles
5880 Eaton Crk RD
Joelton TN 37080

Mt. View Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Julia Lamb
3820 Murfreesboro RD
Antioch TN 37013

Napier Elementary Enhancement Option
Principal: Ron Powe
60 Fairfield AV
Nashville TN 37210

Neely's Bend Elementary
Principal: Rick Binkly
3230 Brick Church PK
Nashville TN 37207

Norman Binkley Elementary
Principal: James Urquhart
4700 West Longdale DR
Nashville TN 37211

Old Center Elementary
Principal: Mr. Rob Hancock
1245 Dickerson Pike South
Goodlettsville TN 37072

Otter Creek Kindergarten
Principal: Pat Ward
409 Franklin RD
Nashville TN 37027

Paragon Mills Elementary
Principal: Jane Johnson
260 Paragon Mills RD
Nashville TN 37211

Park Avenue Christian School
Principal: Bob Orgeron
4300 Park AV
Nashville TN 37209

Park Avenue Elementary Enhanced Option
Principal: Deltina Braden
3703 Park AV
Nashville TN 37209

Pennington Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Carolyn Wood
2817 Donna Hill DR
Nashville TN 37214

Percy Priest Elementary
Principal: Melinda Williams
1700 Otter Creek RD
Nashville TN 37215

Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary School
Principal: Michelle Hendricks
1625 Dr. D. B. Todd Jr. BL
Nashville TN 37208

Robert E. Lilliard @ Kings Lane Design Center
Principal: Debra Thompson
3200 Kings LA
Nashville TN 37218

Rosebank Elementary
Principal: LaTonya White
1012 Preston DR
Nashville TN 37206

Ross Elementary
Principal: Ms. Angela Chapman
601 McFerrin AV
Nashville TN 37206

Ruby Major Elementary School
Principal: Teresa Denis
5141 John Hager RD
Hermitage TN 37076

Shwab Elementary
Principal: Catherine Prentis
1500 Dickerson RD
Nashville TN 37207

Smithson Craighead Academy
Principal: Jonelle Glover
3307 Brick Church PK
Nashville TN 37207

St. Paul Christian Academy
Principal: Kenneth C. Cheeseman
5035 Hillsboro RD
Nashville TN 37215

St. Vincent De Paul School
Principal: Kimberly Vaughn
1704 Heiman ST
Nashville TN 37208

Stanford Elementary Montessori Design Center
Principal: Mrs. Melva Stricklin
2417 Maplecrest DR
Nashville TN 37214

Stratton Elementary
Principal: Steve Perkins
310 Old Hickory Blvd. West
Madison TN 37115

Sylvan Park Paideia Design Center
Principal: Evalina Cheadle
4801 Utah AV
Nashville TN 37209

Tenn School For Blind
Principal: Jim Oldham
115 Stewarts Ferry PK
Nashville TN 37214

Thomas A. Edison Elementary School
Principal: Kesha Moore
6130 Mt. View RD
Antioch TN 37013

Tom Joy Elementary
Principal: Peggy Brodien
2201 Jones AV
Nashville TN 37207

Tulip Grove Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Denise Colon
441 Tyler DR
Hermitage TN 37076

Tusculum Elementary
Principal: Alison McMahan
4917 Nolensville RD
Nashville TN 37211

Una Elementary
Principal: Ms. Amelia Brown
2018 Murfreesboro RD
Nashville TN 37214

Union Hill Elementary
Principal: Joan Sissom
1538 Union Hill RD
Goodlettsville TN 37072

Warner Elementary Enhanced Option School
Principal: Ms. Lori Flemming
626 Russell ST
Nashville TN 37206

Westmeade Elementary
Principal: Stephen Breese
6641 Clearbrook DR
Nashville TN 37205

Without Limits Christian Academy
Principal: Stacy Williams
212 Joyner AV
Nashville TN 37210

Williamson County

Allendale Elementary School
Principal: Dr. Melonye Lowe
2100 Prescott Way
Spring Hill TN 37174

Bethesda Elementary
Principal: Steve Fisher
4907 Bethesda RD
Thompson Station TN 37179

Chapman's Retreat Elementary
Principal: Allison Hammat
1000 Secluded LA
Spring Hill TN 37174

Clovercroft Elementary School
Principal: Dr. Laura LaChance
9336 Clovercroft RD
Franklin TN 37067

College Grove Elementary
Principal: Katherine Lillard
6668 Arno-College Grove
College Grove TN 37046

Crockett Elementary
Principal: Robert Bohrer
9019 Crockett RD
Brentwood TN 37027

Edmondson Elementary
Principal: Julie Sparrow
851 Edmondson PK
Brentwood TN 37027

Fairview Elementary
Principal: Ms. Joan Tidwell
2640 Fairview W BL
Fairview TN 37062

Franklin Elementary
Principal: Dr. David Esslinger
1501 Figuers DR
Franklin TN 37064

Grace Christian Academy
Principal: Robbie Mason
3279 Southall RD
Franklin TN 37064

Grassland Elementary
Principal: Dr. Ann Gordan
6803 Manley LA
Brentwood TN 37027

Heritage Elementary
Principal: Dr. David Allen
4801 Columbia PK
Thompson Station TN 37179

Hillsboro Elementary/ Middle School
Principal: Mrs. Kari Miller
5412 Pinewood RD
Franklin TN 37064

Hunters Bend Elementary
Principal: Mike Parman
2121 Fieldstone Pkwy
Franklin TN 37069

Johnson Elementary
Principal: Tosha Robinson
815 Glass LA
Franklin TN 37064

Kenrose Elementary
Principal: Dr. Marilyn Webb
1702 Raintree PW
Brentwood TN 37027

Liberty Elementary
Principal: Cheryl Robey
600 Liberty PK
Franklin TN 37064

Lipscomb Elementary
Principal: Michelle Contich
8011 Concord RD
Brentwood TN 37027

Longview Elementary School
Principal: Dr. Jonathan Ulrich
2929 Commonwealth DR
Spring Hill TN 37174

Moore Elementary
Principal: Lisa Burgin
1061 Lewisburg PK
Franklin TN 37064

Nolensville Elementary
Principal: Mr. Ryan Harris
2338 Rocky Fork RD
Nolensville TN 37135

Oak View Elem School
Principal: Dr. Thomas Morris
2390 Henpeck LA
Franklin TN 37064

Pearre Creek Elementary School
Principal: Mrs. Beth Fereguson
1811 Townsend BL
Franklin TN 37064

Pinewood Heights
Principal: Ms. Joan Tidwell
7510 Pinewood RD
Primm Springs TN 38476

Poplar Grove K-4
Principal: Lee Kirkpatrick
2959 Del Rio PK
Franklin TN 37064

Scales Elementary
Principal: Gail Claiborne
6430 Murray LA
Brentwood TN 37027

Scales Elementary
Principal: Rick West
6430 Murray LA
Brentwood TN 37027

Sunset Elementary School
Principal: Ms. Josie Jacobs
100 Sunset TR
Brentwood TN 37027

The Classical Academy of Franklin
Principal: Eric VanGorden
810 Del Rio PK
Franklin TN 37069

Trinity Elementary
Principal: Mrs. Chris Schwartz
4410 Murfreesboro RD
Franklin TN 37067

Walnut Grove Elementary
Principal: Mr. Jay Jordan
326 Stable RD
Franklin TN 37069

Westwood Elementary School
Principal: Nancy Simpkins
7200 Tiger TR
Fairview TN 37062

Winstead Elementary School
Principal: Connie Kinder
4080 Columbia PK
Franklin TN 37064

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